President Biden's administration is showing remarkable speed in carrying out the Trump-Miller agenda of using Title 42 as a phony "public health" excuse to send tens of thousands of asylum seekers back to dangerous and inhuman conditions in Haiti and Central America. But when it comes to processing legal visa applications, slowdown and foot-dragging are the name of the game for Biden's officials, according to a report in The Hill. As a result, over 200,000 legal visas may have gone to waste because of inexcusable delays in issuing these visas.

This is even as the corporate media has been obsessed with publicizing false claims by Trump and his Republican supporters that America is in "crisis" from an "invasion" of brown and black immigrants. Trump has not made the slightest attempt, for example, to conceal the open racism in his statement (made on the Hannity Fox News show in October 7), that allowing Haitian refugees to pursue their asylum claims in the US would be a "death wish" for America.

While President Biden has cancelled many of the most egregious and openly racist attempts by the Trump-Miller regime to pursue a white supremacist immigration agenda, such as the Muslim Ban, new Public Charge rules, and the attempt to destroy the H-1B visa through redefining "specialty occupation " in a way that almost no H-1B jobs would have been able to comply with; it remains inexplicable why so much of the Trump-Miller hostility to legal, as well as undocumented, immigration by brown and black people still lives on in the Biden Administration.

For more on President Biden's disappointing failure to reverse or cancel some of Trump's most overtly racist immigration policies, particularly those affecting asylum-seekers at the US-Mexican border, see Vox (August 4):


Roger Algase
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