An alarming Senate Judiciary Committee report released on October 7 shows how close Donald Trump actually came in early January to overthrowing America's democracy and remaining in power through a dictatorial coup. As described in the Washington Post, Trump came close to firing the acting US attorney general, Jeffrey Rosen who was resisting Trump's effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, and replace him with an official who would have supported Trump's attempt to stay in power.

According to the WP report, Trump wanted to replace Rosen with a Justice Department official named Jeffrey Clark, who was willing to go along with Trump's groundless claims of "voter fraud" and his plan to ask Republican-dominated state legislatures to pick their own states of presidential electors in defiance of the will of the American voters who elected Joe Biden as president.

It was only when threatened with the prospect of mass resignations within the Justice Department that Trump backed down from this coup attempt and instead incited what is now under Congressional in investigation as a possible violent insurrection against the United States. See Washington Post,:

Senate Report gives new details of Trump's efforts to use Justice Dept. to overturn election

It is not surprising ,therefore, that Trump and his supporters would try to divert attention from the attempt to overturn democracy by focusing instead on the alleged "threat" from the "border crisis" posed by peaceful Haitian and Central American refugees trying to escape dangerous and inhuman conditions in their countries and seek asylum in the US under US and international Human Rights law.

But stoking fear, hatred and hysteria against border brown and black refugees is not a new strategy. As a July 24 Boston Globe report shows, it has been a Republican centerpiece for a long time. Now, it is also a bigger threat to America;s democracy than ever before. See:

Stoking fears of immigrants has been part of the Republican platform for decades. But something is different this time

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law