As if there were any doubt that the Republicans have become the party of anti-immigrant prejudice, the Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has issued a statement stoking fear and hatred of immigrants at the Mexican border to use as a whip (no reference to recent charges of CBP brutality against Haitian immigrants at the Texas border intended!) against President Joe Biden. The statement, in the form of an opinion piece in The Hill, is overflowing with hysteria and hypocrisy. See:

The most obvious hypocrisy in McDaniel's statement is her implying that Biden is somehow responsible for the raging spread of Covid-19, and that "COVID-positive illegal immigrants are flowing into southern communities", even as she blasts the president for requiring "unconstitutional " Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Trump-supporting Republican governors in Texas, Florida and other states have been fighting bitterly against Covid facemask and vaccine mandates, even as hospitals and morgues in their states overflow.

Sorry to correct you with the truth, Ms. McDaniel, but the appalling spread of Covid-19 in the US, which has now taken as many American lives as the "Spanish Flu" did over 100 years ago, is due in very large part to Trump's and his Republican supporters' attempts to politicize the response to Covid-19 by falsely claiming that there is an "individual right" to spread the disease and cause more deaths by opposing mask and vaccine mandates.

To be sure, Covid-19, which Trump, in an outburst of open racism, called the "China Plague" and "Kung Flu", originated outside the US. But thanks in large part to Republican officials and Trump supporters in numerous states, Covid-19 is now as American as apple pie or the Star-Spangled Banner.

So is blaming immigrants for bringing disease to America, as the Smithsonian Magazine relates:

This is a problem which has nothing to do with immigration (despite Trump's hypocritical use of Title 42 to expel asylum seekers at the border on bogus "public health" grounds - a policy which Biden is continuing - see below).

In another example of hypocrisy, McDaniel blames Biden for the humanitarian crisis at the border, even though the inhuman conditions that Haitian and Latino migrants are enduring are in large part due to Biden's continuing of a bigoted and hypocritical Trump-Miller border expulsion policy known as Title 42.

The "humanitarian disaster" at the border that McDaniel decries is in very large part a Republican-made disaster - initially created by Trump's inhuman, "Remain in Mexico" policy - which a Republican lawsuit and a Republican-dominated Supreme Court majority are now forcing Biden to revive despite his attempt to cancel it - and perpetuated by Title 42 which Trump and Miller forced the CDC to agree to for overtly political reasons rather than pubic health ones - and which Biden is perpetuating out of cowardice or expediency - or both - in the face of Republican assaults such as this one.

In typical Republican style, McDaniel also tries to paint the border asylum-seekers, many of whom are women and children fleeing violence, corruption and political instability in their home countries, as criminals and drug-dealers - a favorite Trump canard against brown immigrants. and one which helped to install him in the White House (after losing the popular election by 3 million votes) in 2016.

Why are Republicans so implacably opposed to movement of immigrants into the the US by any means - legally or unauthorized? Why did the Republicans go along with - or actively support - Trumps' and Miller's attempts to destroy large and crucial parts of America's legal immigration system - such as H-1B skilled and professional worker visas (by trying to redefine "specialty occupation" out of existence) or family - based green cards (through Miller's openly bigoted new "Public Charge" rules)?

The first of the above two attempts to destroy legal immigration (H-1B) was intended to target India in particular. The second was designed to cut off family-based immigration from everywhere in the world except relatively affluent Europe, in a throwback to the spirit of America's infamous 1924 "national origins" quotas law.

The answer has nothing to do with public health, security, or legitimate law enforcement. It has everything to do with a far right white nationalist ideology known as the "Great Replacement" theory - which holds that all immigration - legal and otherwise- is part of a devious plot to replace America's current (and dwindling) white majority with immigrants.

I will examine this openly racist theory, which lies at the heart of Republican opposition to both legal and "irregular" immigration, in a forthcoming comment.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B