Update, September 27, 11:17 am:

Not all Haitian migrants seeking asylum in the US at the Texas-Mexico border were turned away by the Biden administration's use of the Trump-Miller Title 42 "Public Health" Big Lie as a pretext. According to Congressional testimony by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, approximately 13,000 Haitians have been allowed into the US to pursue asylum claims.


President Biden certainly deserves criticism over the way that almost as many other Haitians (12,000) seeking entry at the border were either deported directly back to Haiti or forced to return to dangerous and inhuman conditions in Mexico. But the Biden administration's allowing more than half of the border asylum -seeking Haitians to pursue their claims in the US was a gesture of reason, humanity and respect for international law that would not very likely have happened under the Trump-Miller regime.

But what about the 4,000 Haitians whom Biden deported back to their country. torn apart by natural disasters and political violence, and without resources to take back its own citizens. Are they not also human beings, entitled to basic human rights including the right to iife?

The only people who can be happy over this Crime Against Humanity are the white nationalist extremists who are promoting an even Bigger Big Lie than Title 42 - known as the "Great Replacement" (of white Americans by brown and black immigrants). See:


My earlier comment follows:

Julian Castro, a former Democratic presidential candidate who served as Secretary of Housing and Urban development under president Obama, has issued a stinging denunciation of the fraudulent use of the Title 42 public health law to deport thousands of Haitian and Central American asylum seekers in violation of their rights under US and international Human Rights law. See.

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/24/julian-castro-criticizing-biden-over humanitarian-crisis-us-border

See also:


As Castro shows, the use of Title 42 to summarily expel thousands of Central American, Haitian and other asylum-seekers at the US-Mexico border was based on a bogus Covid-19 "public health" pretext that Trump and Miller forced the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to go along with despite that agency's objections.

The appalling cruelty, hypocrisy and cynicism of that strategy, is illustrated by the fact that at the time Trump adopted this policy, he was in denial about the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic and was doing everything in his power to minimize and downplay the danger. This approach is widely believed to have increased the number of US Covid-19 deaths, which is now more than 650,000.

But the injustice, cynicism and cruelty of using Title 42 for political purposes, rather than genuine public health ones, which President Biden is perpetuating by continuing to use Title 42 at the border - especially now against Haitians - is not an isolated development .It is part of a pattern of larger scale injustice and inhumanity running throughout the entire immigration system, as immigration advocates are now asserting more vigorously than before in the wake of the Biden administration's mistreatment of Haitian immigrants.


I will discuss this larger issue in forthcoming comments.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law