Update, September 23, 10:40 am:

President Biden's own envoy to Haiti has resigned in protest against Biden's "inhumane" border expulsion policy.


Update, September 23, 9:27 am:

In an apparent response to Congressional Democrats who are enraged over President Biden's mass deportation agenda and reports of CBP brutality against thousands of Haitian migrants gathered at the Texas-Mexico border


the Biden administration is reportedly now engaging in large-scale releases of vulnerable Haitians, including pregnant women and young children. See, The Guardian:


This latest development is sure to provoke opposition from Republicans who are more concerned with keeping a white demographic majority in America than with respecting the human rights of brown and black immigrants.

My original comment follows.

The continuing moral bankruptcy of the Biden administration with regard to its treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers can be summed up by one rhetorical question:

Would the more than ten thousand Haitian asylum-seekers at the Texas border who are being forced to endure inhuman living conditions while being rounded up like animals by CBP officers on horseback to await deportation back to a country torn apart by natural disasters and political violence be treated this way if they were white?

For the latest horrifying report on the inhuman conditions that the Haitian migrants are being forced to suffer at the Texas/Mexican border, see The Guardian, September 22:


Even more appalling is another September 22 report in The Guardian that the Biden administration is planning to reopen a privately run immigration prison at Guantanamo to intern Haitian and Central American asylum-seekers. According to the report, the camp was ordered shut down by the Obama administration and has not been in use since 2017.


Is this the humane treatment and respect for human rights of brown immigrants that the American people voted for when they evicted Donald Trump and Stephen Miller from the White House in 2020 (despite Trump's continuing to spread the Big LIe among his fanatic supporters that the "rigged" election was "stolen" from him by allowing too many US citizens of color to vote)?

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law