Update, September 20, 8:58 am:

For the latest horrifying report on President Biden's racist revival of Donald Trump's bigotry against black and brown immigrants from what Trump infamously called "shithole countries" such as Haiti, see The Hill:

https://the hill.com/homenews/572968-expulsions-of- haitian-migrants-from-southern-border-begin

No matter what else President Joe Biden may or may not accomplish to make immigration rules more rational, just and humane while he is in office, this mass expulsion blitz, in violation of the most basic human rights, back to a country torn apart by natural disasters, political violence and poverty will be an indelible stain on his record.

Where are the protests from Biden's fellow Democrats, as the the president carries out Donald Trump's racist anti-immigrant agenda in a way that makes one wonder if Trump really did win the 2020 election after all, as he has never stopped falsely claiming that he did?

Why isn't Rep. Jerrold Nadler's Judiciary Committee investigating what might well be a crime against humanity by the Biden administration as it begins to expel more than 10,000 desperate black and brown Haitians who are attempting to assert their legal and human rights to seek asylum according to US law? Why is AOC remaining silent?

My previous update and original comment follows.

Update. September 20. 12:36 am:

Vox reports that Texas Republicans, led by Governor Greg Abbott are going full throttle in an attempt to exploit anti-immigrant racism directed at the more than 10,000 Haitians who have massed under an international bridge at the Texas-Mexico border to seek political asylum in the US from violence caused by the assassination of Haiti's president as well as the aftermath of a severe 7.2 earthquake that has left 2,000 dead. See:


Even though President Biden is faithfully carrying out Trump's policy of barring immigrants from "shithole" countries (to use Trump's terminology for black and brown nations - as opposed to his preferred white "Countries Like Norway" ) by ramping up deportations of Haitians as quickly as he can, Republican politicians are seizing on this humanitarian crisis as an opportunity to paint Biden as "weak" in resisting the inevitable US demographic change which is expected to make white Americans a minority by 2050.

My original comment follows:

President Joe Biden, acting either out of traditional US racism against Haitian immigrants that dates back at least to the 1990's when President Clinton blockaded that country to prevent refugees from escaping; or out of cowardice in the face of Republican politicians who are stirring up hatred and hysteria over the Trumped-up "Border Crisis" of brown immigrants seeking entry to the US from Mexico, has launched a mass deportation blitz against more than 10,000 Haitian asylum-seekers who are massed under a bridge in Dell Rio, Texas, at the Mexican border.

The Washington Post reports that Biden's plan is to deport as many Haitians as he can back to their earthquake and political violence-ridden country before a federal judge's court order blocking the deportations on humanitarian grounds (which Biden promptly appealed) takes effect in 14 days.

See: Washington Post (September 18)

Biden administration to ramp up deportation flights to Haiti, aiming to deter mass migration into Texas

President Biden's appalling display of inhumanity and violation of basic human rights of brown immigrants must be making as least one person very happy. That person would be Donald Trump, who in 2018 referred to Haiti as one of the African and Caribbean nations that he identified as "shithole" countries that he wanted to stop immigration from.

The Post reports:

Immigrant advocates have been calling on Biden to suspend all deportation flights to Haiti after the assassination of that country's president in July and a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last month that killed at least 2,000. The Biden administration has extended a form of provisional residency known as temporary protected status to eligible Haitians who arrived in the United States before May, and the administration had curbed deportation flights at the behest of immigrant advocacy organizations.

The new deportation-flights plan is likely to outrage those groups, but it points to the Biden administration's hardening view of immigration enforcement after months of surging migration levels."

It would also be quite fair to say that President Biden's mass deportations of Haitians are reviving a long and shameful tradition of racial discrimination by successive US administrations against Haitian immigrants. See:Sarah E, Barank de Alacaron, David H. Secor and Norma Fuentes-Mayorga: A Reparations-Based Approach to Remedying the Trump Administration's Cancellation of TPS Protections for Haitians 26 Mich. J. Race & L. 1 (2020).

The abstract to this article refers to the

"...longer history of racism and exclusion against Haiti and Haitians...and imagines a future that repairs the harms caused by past and present racist policies. First, this article briefly outlines the history of exclusionary, race-based immigration laws in the Unites States, and specifically how the legal framework, coupled with existing anti-Black ideologies in the United States, directly impacted Haitians and Haitian immigrants arriving in the United States."

Even though President Joe Biden has granted TPS to a limited number of Haitians, in contrast to Donald Trump, who tried to cancel this protection based on openly racist statements he had made against Haitians and other immigrants of color; Biden's current mass deportation blitz, coming at a time of terrible suffering and unrest in Haiti, can only be looked on as a reversion to America's shameful history of racism and exclusion toward immigrants from that country.

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