Update: 10:11 am. September 17

On September 16, Emmet Sullivan a Clinton appointed federal judge, issued an order blocking the Biden administration from using Title 42, which had first been set into action by Trump and Stephen Miller in pursuit of their whites only immigration agenda, from summarily expelling asylum-seekers at the US border on bogus, hypocritical "public health" grounds.

The judge wrote that the Title 42 policy denies immigrants the right to seek humanitarian benefits according to US law.


The Hill also reports that more than 10,000 asylum seekers, mainly from Haiti, which has just suffered a severe earthquake and political turmoil in the wake of the murder of its president, are now gathered under a bridge at the Texas-Mexico border where they are being processed by US CBP agents.


My original comment follows:

It seems that even when America has a president who claims to be pursuing "liberal" immigration policies, there is always apparently an exception to this tolerant approach in the case of black immigrants from Haiti. One cannot help but be reminded of President Bill Clinton's shameful use of the US Coast Guard in the 1990's to stop Hailian refugees from leaving their country, on the theory that they might wind up seeking asylum in the US.

Equally shamefully, this bigoted policy was upheld by a Supreme Court that was ostensibly more liberal or at least neutral, than the right wing ideologically driven Supreme Court majority that we have now,

Now, as a reminder that immigrants from Haiti, which Trump infamously called a "shithole country", are in a class by themselves when it comes to being targets of US anti-immigrant white supremacy, the Biden administration has used the Trump-Miller Title 42 decree, which was hypocritically dubbed a "Covid-19 prevention measure" by an administration that was engaged in wholesale denial and lying about the seriousness of this pandemic, in order to carry out mass deportation against Haitian asylum-seekers without any legal procedures or due process, and in violation of their most elementary Human Rights. See, The Hill, September 16:


This story will be updated based on further developments.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
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