The phony "Border Crisis" that the Republicans are now Trumpeting (no pun intended!) caused by an increase in brown people seeking refuge in the US from violence, poverty and corruption in Central America is being manufactured by the GOP to distract attention from America's real crisis.

The real crisis is the large scale rollback in human rights for nonwhite Americans and immigrants in Texas and other Republican-dominated states, aided and abetted by an extreme right-wing Republic Supreme Court majority; and the GOP's agenda of resisting demographic change, even if this resistance means abandoning our democracy in order to keep America white.

The tremendous damage that Donald Trump, who now has an iron grip on the GOP and who shows every sign of planning to run for president again in 2024, did to human rights in America in general, and those of brown immigrants in particular, was described in a report by the Center for American Progress dated December 10, 2019. Even though this report is now almost two years old, is deserves closer attention than it has received so far. See:

And another 2019 article, by Yoni Applebaum in The Atlantic, highlights the mortal danger to our democracy brought about by Republican opposition to immigration-based demographic change which is expected to lead to a nonwhite majority in America by 2050.

These reports, as well as more recent events in Republican-controlled states such as Texas and Florida, show that large scale violations of the human rights of nonwhite immigrants in pursuit of white supremacist demographics; including but not limited to Trump's inhuman "Remain in Mexico" policy and his attempts to end DACA and shut down most avenues of legal immigration, such as H-1B and family-based green cards, inevitably lead to violations of the human rights of US citizens - especially US citizens of color.

We are seeing this in the Texas voting restrictions and anti-abortion statues, as well as in the Republican anti-mask, anti-vax insanity which is filling up hospitals and morgues in Texas, Florida and other GOP- controlled states. This madness is a denial of the human right to life itself.

Beyond that we are seeing an even worse form of madness in the GOP agenda - namely denial of the Global Warming, which scientists are virtually unanimous in agreeing as having caused Hurricane Ida, California wildfires and numerous other natural disasters that threaten the existence of humanity itself.

To be sure, these issues are beyond the scope of this comment, which is on immigration policy. But the above events show that policies that violate the human rights of immigrants because of their race, religion or nationality, especially those that took place under the Trump-Miller regime, inevitably lead to extinguishing the human rights of US citizens and threatening the existence of our democracy - as well as the continued existence of humanity itself.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B.