Update: September 3, 9:37 pm;

Columnist Rebecca Solnit, writing in the September 3 issue of The Guardian has the following to say about the new Texas abortion law, which six other Republican-dominated states are reportedly now rushing to imitate:

"The Texas abortion law that the rightwing supreme court just smiled upon, despite its violation of precedent, seethes with both violence and lies."


Solnit also discusses the violence caused by rioters ad the Capitol on January 6, based on Trump's election "Stop the Steal" lie.

"Their leaders produced lies that instigated the violence, lies to justify that violence, lies to deny the existence of that violence, and then lies to stir u further violence."

But what does all of this have to do with immigration, which Solnit doesn't mention in her article? The answer is that this has everything to do with immigration. To take just one example of an usoeakaply cruel and inhuman Trump-Miller immigration policy which the right wing dominated Supreme Court has also endorsed, "Remain in Mexico", which is based on the lie that mainly women and children asylum-seekers are dangerous criminals who are "invading" the US, has, according to reports, so far resulted in more than 1,500 acts of violence against asylum-seekers at the US border, including rape and kidnapping.

Indeed it could be said that America's entire system of detention and expulsion of immigrants, not to mention attempts to shut down the legal immigration system, or at least make it unworkable, are acts of state violence against immigrants which could well lead to fascism in America.

My original comment follows:

Is it just a coincidence that so many GOP politicians such as Texas governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron De Santis are furiously fighting against mask and vaccination requirements that would protect their states' citizens against Covid-19, while at the same time stirring up hatred against non-white immigrants? Not if one looks closely at the connection between the anti-Covid-19 precautions movement and the current white supremacist anti-immigrant movement. Both are based on notions of white superiority, reliance on conspiracy theories and fascist -style use of the Big Lie.

We must begin with the reality that by vigorously opposing mandatory precautions against Covid-19 in schools and other public places, these two governors, and other GOP politicians like them, are killing their own people, including many of their own supporters, as shown by the overflowing hospitals, ICU units and morgues in the above two states.

Texas has also just enacted the most draconian anti-abortion law in the nation, with Florida threatening to follow suit. Just as the Texas law is meant to stamp women as less than full human beings, without the right to control over their own bodies; governor Abbott's anti-immigrant rhetoric, bolstered by his sending state troops to the Mexican border and threatening to build his own state border wall, is a signal that he regards non-white immigrants as less than fully human.

In the same way, with the most restrictive voting law in the nation, Texas is denying the full humanity of its non-white US citizens.

As for Covid-19 denial, in which Texas and Florida are shamefully leading the nation, this amounts to denial of the right to life itself, which the anti-abortion movement claims to be upholding. All of the above kinds of discrimination and dehumanization are also at the heart of the anti-immigrant movement, which is based on stoking fear and hatred of immigrants because of their skin color or national origin, and attempting to use the law as a means of depriving them of their most basic humanity.

All of these extreme right wing GOP-led movements: Covid-19 anti-mask and anti-vax; anti-abortion; and elimination of voting rights for US citizens of color; together with stoking fear and hatred of black and brown immigrants, as in the case of the phony GOP "Border Crisis" caused by non-white asylum seekers and other migrants hoping to escape poverty and corruption and find a better life in America, are leading this nation down the road to fascism.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard College A.B.
Harvard Law School LL.B