America, and the world, are in a state of shock over the horrors that the women of Afghanistan are now facing under Taliban rule, which was made possible by President Joe Biden's hasty withdrawal of US troops from that country, following Donald Trump's US surrender agreement with the Taliban.

While a detailed analysis of the Afghanistan catastrophe is beyond the scope of this comment, it is apparent that Biden's withdrawal was the result of political expediency, with no thought given to the disastrous human rights consequences ,especially for women and girls whom the Taliban treats as worse than slaves, and with appalling brutality, as amnesty international reported last year:

The same can be said for much of Biden's approach to immigration. It is true that Biden has cancelled some of the more obvious and egregious examples of human rights violations committed by the Trump/Miller administration. These include Trump's Muslim ban executive order which, under pressure from the federal courts, he tried to justify as an "anti-terrorist" measure, even though its obvious purpose was to carry out Trump's campaign promise to ban all Muslims in the world from entering the US - in clear violation of the US Constitution's guarantee of freedom of religion.

Biden also withdrew the new Trump-Miller Public Charge rules, which were obviously intended to discriminate against legal immigrants from non-European parts of the world in one of the most openly racist immigration measures adopted in the US since 1924.

Biden also cancelled Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy against Central American asylum-seekers, which was expressly intended to cause, and did cause, as much hardship and suffering as could possibly be imagined, especially to women and children fleeing from gang violence in their home countries. This included over 800 violent attacks against asylum-seekers at the US border, as Human Rights First reported last year.

A Trump-appointed federal judge has now ordered President Biden to reinstate this horrific, inhuman policy, which the Trump administration, in a excess of cruelty and cynicism. called the "Migrant Protection Protocol", but which could well have been called a Crime Against Humanity instead. The matter is now up before the Supreme Court.

To be continued:

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law