On August 13, a Trump-appointed Texas Federal Judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, ordered the Biden administration to reinstate one of the most savagely cruel of the white supremacist anti-immigrant policies of the entire Trump/Miller agenda, known as "Remain in Mexico." This policy, which President Joe Biden revoked on his first day in office, caused so much hardship and suffering among Central American asylum seekers at the US border that it could well be called a Crime Against Humanity.

Judge Kacsmaryk's flimsy "reasoning" in issuing his decision was torn apart in an August 17 Vox article by its Supreme Court correspondent, Ian Millhiser, a former Duke Law Journal editor and law clerk to a 6th Circuit federal Court of Appeals judge.


Millhiser also warns that Kacsmaryk's decision, together with a recent decision by another anti-immigrant Texas federal judge, Andrew Hanen, to strike down DACA, is part of a concerted attempt by right wing federal judges to keep the Trump/Miller white supremacist immigration agenda in force,, even though the voters of America rejected this form of bigotry when they evicted Donald Trump from the White House last November.

To be continued in Part 2.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law