In one of the vilest attacks on refugees yet, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is now demonizing of the most desperate and vulnerable refugee groups in the world, namely Afghan citizens attempting to escape the murderous fanaticism of the Taliban who are now taking over Afghanistan;

Carlson is calling these refugees, including many who worked for the US army as interpreters, "invaders". "Invaders" has been a traditional white nationalist term of abuse for brown and black immigrants, regardless of legal status or lack of it, for as long as anyone can remember, and it is also one of Donald Trump's favorite ways of referring to people seeking US asylum at the Mexican border in order to escape gang violence in Central America.

Trump was also responsible for cutting the number of refugees that the US admits each year down to 15,000, the lowest in many decades. President Biden has now raised the number back up to 65,000 per year. (Trump's immigration Grand Inquisitor Stephen Miller wanted to cut the annual refugee cap to zero.)

Tucker Carlson, who recently flew to Hungary to express support for that country's quasi-fascist regime (which has built its own racist Wall of Hate against refugees from the Middle East and North Africa) is clearly not just speaking for himself when he attacks and dehumanizes nonwhite immigrants.

He is also speaking for a white supremacist movement which has taken over most of the Republican party; and which, by trying to pass laws in numerous states that are intended to prevent millions of brown and black US citizens from voting ,is threatening our entire democracy.

For more on Carlson's hate-filled rant, see Washington Post, August 17:

As Afghans struggle to escape the Taliban, Fox News hosts lean into anti-refugee rhetoric

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
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