Two events last week in the state of Texas illustrate the extent to which the Republican party has been taken over by Donald Trump's white supremacist agenda. The first was the flight of Democratic legislators out of that state in the latest in order to block the legislature from enacting the most restrictive law in the nation against the voting rights of minority US citizens.

The second was a decision of a Texas-based federal judge, Andrew Hanen, effectively putting an end to President Barack Obama's DACA program for "Dreamers", i.e. immigrants who were brought to the US illegally as children through no choice or fault of their own. Judge Hanen's decision was the result of a Republican-inspired lawsuit seeking to overturn DACA

Of course, the attack on DACA was far from the only anti-immigrant action influenced or carried out by the Republicans, who are now also actively fomenting hatred against mainly women and children from Central America seeking refuge at the US border against violence and poverty in their home countries, Republican leaders are labeling this as a phony "Crisis".

These are the same Republicans who either stood by in silence or actively supported Trump's and Stephen Miller's attempt to dismantle most of America's legal immigration system in order to keep America white, This same Republican party was also responsible in 1996 for enacting IIRIRA, the most racist anti-immigrant law since the whites only "National Origins" quota immigration act of 1924; and, more recently, introducing the failed "RAISE" act in 2018 that would have ended most family-based legal immigration.

How long can the Republican party continue to survive as the "White Man's Party"? Jeloni Cobb raises this question in a March 8 New Yorker article called:

What is Happening to the Republicans?

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law