From the moment that President Biden took office six months ago, Republican politicians have been shouting that America is going through a "crisis" of illegal immigration at the Mexican border. This "crisis", allegedly, has been caused by Biden''s cancelling Trump's inhuman and illegal "Remain in Mexico" policy affecting Central American asylum seekers, along with other steps to restore basic human rights to the immigration system. These steps have included ending Trump's Muslim Ban, summary deportations of unaccompanied children and Stephen Miller's openly bigoted new Public Charge rule for green card applicants.

But, as Catherine Rampell points out in a July 15 Washington Post piece, the best way to combat illegal immigration is by increasing the avenues for legal immigration. See:

Worried about illegal immigration? Create more legal immigrants

As Rampell points out, even Trump himself recognized this in his 2016 campaign speeches, when, in addition to promising to build a wall against illegal immigrants, he also promised a "Big, Beautiful Door" in the wall to let in legal immigrants. But after Trump took over the White House, we never heard anything more about the "Big, Beautiful Door".

Instead, Trump let Stephen Miller loose to do everything in his power to dismantle the legal immigration system in order to keep out nonwhite immigrants in every category. Now, if the Republicans are serious about combating illegal immigration, they should be supporting President Biden's and the Democrats' proposals to open the doors to legal immigration more widely.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law