There has been a great deal of comment, by myself and other writers, about how fomenting hatred and hysteria over the so-called "Border Crisis" mainly caused by desperate women and children fleeing violence, poverty and corruption in Central America, is being used by right wing activists to set back the cause of immigration reform and the the movement toward racial justice in America in general. But could focus on the phony "Border Crisis" also be endangering the future of all humanity?

The answer is that blaming brown immigrants for "destroying" America, as Donald Trump did at a recent CPAC speech, serves as a distraction from the real crisis - the crisis of global warming, which is euphemistically referred to around the world as "climate change."

One does not have to be a scientist to realize that reported events such as the 130 degree temperature in Death Valley, as well as record-breaking high temperatures throughout the Western states, not to mention shellfish being cooked in the oceans and fruit being cooked on trees by the high temperatures, are danger signs for the future of humanity itself, if not for all life on this planet earth.

By distracting from the real crisis, are the promoters of hatred and fear against brown immigrants doing any service to their fellow Americans - their fellow humans?

Professor Ibram X. Kendi, Director of the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research and author of the book: Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive history of Racist Ideas in America, writes as follows in a January, 2019 article in The Atlantic entitled:

What Deniers of Climate Change and Racism Share

"For two years, they formed a community of experts, about 1,000 in all, including 300 leading climate scientists inside and outside 13 federal agencies. For two years, they volunteered their time and expertise to produce the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

There is no parallel process to tackle the questions I study: there is no ongoing national racial assessment mandated by a law summarizing the impact of racism on the United States, now, and in the future Still, I can relate to these climate scientists."

What do climate deniers and anti-immigrant racists have in common? The answer is clear - a total rejection of science. In the case of climate deniers, no matter how many distinguished scientific experts inside and outside the federal government warn about the "dreadful" consequences of global warming as described in Profesor Kendi's article, science is totally rejected.

Anti-immigrant racists also reject science; the infamous US 1924 Europeans-only "National Origins" immigration act was heavily influenced by a bogus, totally unscientific ideology known as "Eugenics" based on the supposed innate racial superiority of white people.

Trump's immigration Grand Inquisitor or Torquemada Stephen Miller, who did everything in his power during Trump's four-year presidency to dismantle the protections for nonwhite immigrants that had been slowly built into our immigration system during the past half century, showed his admiration for the racist 1924 law in many of his hundreds of leaked emails.

As Jean Guerrero writes in The Nation on May 24:

"Former Trump White House senior advisor Stephen Miller played a significant role in mainstreaming white supremacy over the past five years, promoting virulently racist literature, organizing anti-immigrant round tables, crafting Trump's most xenophobic speeches, and strangling legal pathways into the United States for nonwhite people."


How to Fight White Supremacy by Inverting Stephen Miller's Playbook

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Trump himself, in a Duluth Minnesota 2020 campaign speech attacking Somali refugees, crudely endorsed this anti-scientific anti-immigrant racism as the "Racehorse" theory.

To be continued:

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law