Donald Trump has been out of office for almost six months, but his mantle of hatred against brown immigrants is now being inherited by a group of Republican governors who seem to think that they can take the nation's immigration laws, which are a federal responsibility, into their own hands by sending token numbers of state national guard troops to the Mexican border to deal with the Big Lie known as the "Biden Border Crisis". See,

No one seriously thinks that tiny numbers of troops being sent by states such as Kansas and Nebraska, will make the slightest difference in stopping immigration by brown people at the Mexican border, but that is not the real point. The real purpose is to foment hatred and hysteria, not only against brown immigrants, but also against US citizens of color, whom many Republican state legislatures and governors coast to coast are trying to stop from voting in elections.

This supports Trump's other dangerous, but directly related Big Lie, namely that the 2020 presidential election was "stolen" from him because US citizens of color were allowed to vote and to have their votes counted. The real purpose of the "Border Crisis" hysteria is to support the Republicans' goal of a "White Republic" as described in a Time Magazine article two years ago, on July 17, 2019 by Carol Anderson, Professor of African-American studies at Emory University. See:

Professor Anderson wrote, in a statement that is even more true today than it was then:

"In an effort to restore a white America, the GOP had to wound the kind of multiracial democracy that not only elected Barack Obama to the presidency but enhanced America's global reputation. Republicans, therefore, set out to create and electorate that was disproportionately white and conservative...GOP policies targeted African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, native Americans, the young and the poor to keep them away from the ballot box."

Anderson then went on to discuss the other side of the White America coin. These involved Trump's attacks on legal immigration, including making it harder for immigrants to serve in the US military or to come to the US as students. She wrote:

"After Trump came in office and launched the Muslim Ban, harangues to "Build the Wall" and disparaging comments about 'shithole countries,' enrollment from international students dropped 5.5. percent in graduate programs and more than 6 percent in graduate programs at American universities."

Anderson concludes by stating that the reason that Trump has remained popular with Republicans, despite other widely condemned actions such as being over-friendly to dictators with appalling records of human rights violations in countries such as North Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia, was because:

"...Trump promises Republicans a return to white dominance..."

This is the real motive behind today's attempts by Republican governors and other Republican officials in many states to whip up hysteria over the so-called border :Surge" or "Crisis".

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law