Update: July 4, 6:41 am:

The Hill confirms something that everyone already knows, namely that the Republicans are planning to make anti-immigrant bigotry the centerpiece of their 2024 presidential campaign, regardless who the nominee is. See:

Republicans eyeing White House take hard line on immigration


"Hard line" is one of the media's favorite euphemisms for stirring up racial bigotry against all Latino and other nonwhite immigrants, legal as well as unauthorized, and regardless of category. The same report quotes the response of a Democratic National Committee spokesperson, Ammar Moussa, as follows:

"Donald Trump and Republicans are desperately trying to spin their cruel border policies to mislead voters. For four years, Republicans were silent as Trump sabotaged our immigration system and threw it into chaos."

Mexican border entry by legitimate asylum seekers, unaccompanied children and other brown immigrants was not the only part of the immigration system that Trump and Stephen Miller tried to destroy. They also took hundreds of actions, large and small, to destroy the legal immigration system for both family and employment-based immigrants in their attempt to keep America white.

My original comment appears below.

Continuing to fuel speculation that he is planning to run for president again in 2024, and showing no signs of any plans to quietly return to life as a private citizen, Donald Trump visited the Mexican border on June 30 after holding a round table together with Stephen Miller and other former officials who helped carry out his agenda of excluding and deporting brown immigrants.

At the round table meeting, Trump claimed that America is a "sick" country with respect to both elections and the border. Repeating his groundless claim that the 2020 election was "fraudulent", which was rejected by some 50 judges, including Trump-appointed ones, for lack of evidence, Trump said:

"...you're going to have a runaway country. You're going to have a banana republic. You're going to have a Third World Country here pretty soon."


These statements were obvious red meat to his supporters who are opposed to America's becoming a truly equal multi-racial society instead of a white-dominated one.

Trump also said that America needs to "get our elections straightened out", i.e. to prevent black and brown Americans from voting or having their votes counted. This would be the end of our democracy and the beginning of a white supremacist dictatorship.

With more than half of Republican voters reportedly believing Trump's Big Lie that the election was "stolen" and with Republican-controlled state legislatures coast to coast attempting to pass laws preventing US citizens of color from voting, America's democracy is already in much greater danger than one would realize from reading most media reports.

The attempt to foment hysteria over the border "'surge" in brown immigrants based on President Biden's relaxation of some (though not all) of Trump's actions to close off America to legitimate Central American asylum seekers, is part of the same Big Lie strategy aimed at overthrowing our democracy.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law