The steady drumbeat of right wing propaganda claming that the Biden administration has "lost conbtrol" of the Mexican border and is "enfdangering" national security by rolling back Trump's illegal "Remain in Mexico" policy is continuing. Hysteical, frantic headlines from anti-immigrant sources, such as:

A United Nations of Mass Illegal Immigration

show that the real right wing concern is not national security or law enforcement, but fear of diversity and societal change from a white-dominated one to a multi-ethnic one in which all people, immigants and US citizens alike, are regarded as human beings with equal rights, regardliess of ethnicity, religion, ancenstry or national origin.

the media have put their focus on superficial day-to-day developements. These inlcude essentially trivial, if not totally meaningless, issues such as whether VP Kamala Harris has visited the Mexican border, or what kind of "mnessaging" she sends to desperate Cental American women and children trying to escape vilence, corruption and poverty in thrri home countries.

But lost in all the polically motivated Republican brouhaha over the so called "Border Crisis", i.e. people who are entring the US without the Trump/Miller/GOP requirment of having a white skin, is the real immigration crisis. This crisis is one of racism and injustice that is deeply embedded in
our immigration system.

Network Advocates For Justice, an organization that states that is it inspired by Catholic Sisters, sums the real immigration issue in America as follows in an article entitled:

Recommit to Racial Justice: The Impact Of Racism On U.S. Immigration Past And Present

"The history of migration and immigration in America is one of the dominant forces shaping our experience of race today. While immigration for "white" Europeans has, for the most part, led to a smooth welcome into dominant society, immigrants who are people of color face a more difficult path to acceptance, much less belonging, in our nation. It is common to refer to the United States as a nation of immigrants, but the reality is that immigrants in our nation have been scapegoated, exploited for cheap labor, and treated as second class citizens for hundreds of years."

To be continued in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law