Just in case there is anyone who is not aware that racism is built into US immigration policy, especially under Republican leadership,Texas GOP governor Greg Abbott is offering a clear example. First, he announced that Texas is planning to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep out Mexican and Central American immigrants. This is a clear usurpation of federal power over immigration under the US Constitution and would overturn one of the basic principles of our democracy - the same principle which gave the federal government the power to put an end to state racial segregation laws during the 1960's civil rights era.


Now, Abbott has followed this by signing a law which prohibits Texas schools from teaching Critical Race Theory - namely the role of racism in US society, past and present.


What is Critical Race Theory and why is is so controversial? What does it have to do with immigration?

The above report in The Hill answers the first question above s follows:

"Critical race theory is the idea that the inception of the US is intertwined with slavery. which has created systems of inherent inequality and institutionalized racism that impact people of color in [the] modern day."

There can be no doubt that institutionalized racism affects our immigration system. For a report how it affects immigrants from African and Caribbean countries in particular, (which Donald Trump infamously called "Shithole Countries") see Huffington Post:

Black Immigrants Are Still Fighting Racism In The U.S. Immigration System


Of course, African and Caribbean immigrants are not the only people of color who are discriminated against by our immigration system. For a scholarly analysis of this issue, see Jayashri Shrikantiah and Shirin Shinnar:

White Nationalism as Immigration Policy

71 Stanford Law Review, March 2019


These two articles will be discussed in detail in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law