On June 10, Texas Republican governor Greg Abbott announced the most far right extremist plan yet to close the Southern border against brown immigrants. The plan would involve having the state of Texas build its own Mexican border wall and use its own state law enforcement agents to arrest immigrants.


This blatant usurpation by the state of federal power over immigration would take America back 150 years to the time when the states controlled immigration policy and used their control to keep out unpopular minority immigrants (mainly from Ireland), This would represent one of the biggest steps backward in our entire immigration history, back to a time when, as the Supreme Court ruled in the infamous 1857 Dred Scott decision, people of color had no rights that white people were bound to respect.

Ad the same time, Abbot is trying to take Texas back to the era of white supremacy in voting by attempting to pass the most restrictive voting law in America in order to stop brown US citizens from voting. Abbot's openly racist immigration and voting proposal would go hand in hand to take Texas, and America, on the road to fascism.


Investigative journalist Ryan Devereaux describes in an October 3, 2020 article in The Intercept how Trump, who was running at that time for re-election began his rise to power by attacking immigrants of color as a supposed danger to America, However, this was only a prelude to his attempts to demonize his political opponents. Devereax writes that, especially after the George Floyd killing, when most, but not all, of the protests were peaceful, Trump tried tried to use the fact that there were some violent protests as an excuse to brand all political opposition to his agenda as illegitimate,

Devereax wrote:

"Against the backdrop of the upheaval, the Trump administration has embraced...the second phase of fascistic power grab: the turn inward.:


Trump is, of course, now out of power, but he still maintains a vice-like, cult of personality style grip o the Republican party, as Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) can attest after being kicked out of her Republican Congressional leadership post for telling the truth about Trump's "Stolen Election: Big Lie.

Devereaux points out that according to the Migration Policy Institute, Trump and Stephen Miller took more than 400 executive actions to limit immigration, (impacting mainly nonwhite immigrants) and that Miller had an immigration campaign of "shock and awe" drawn up and ready to go if Trump had remained in office.

Trump has definitely not ruled out running for president again in 2024, so to say that he is gone from the scene, or that he has no more influence, goes against all reality. But in the meantime, a number of GOP little "Donald Trumps" are moving ahead with Trump's fascist-style one-two punch: First attack nonwhite immigrants and do everything possible to keep them out of the United States. Then destroy democracy itself by making it difficult or impossible foe US citizens of color to vote.

Greg Abbot's plan to close the Texas-Mexico border and attempt to take voting rights away from nonwhite Americans is only the latest example of Trump's fascist agenda in action.

And Greg Abbot is far from being the only Republican leader who supports this agenda.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law