The chorus of protests from Human Rights advocates over Kamala Harris' shocking betrayal of her own pro-immigrant principles as a presidential candidate, as shown in her "Do Not Come" message to desperate mainly women and children fleeing violence, corruption and poverty in Central America (see my June 9 Immigration Daily comment), show that there is a larger issue involved than just one speech by the Vice-President.

This speech was only part of a larger set of actions showing that President Biden and his his administration have thrown aside Biden's campaign promise to bring fairness and justice to our border policies and immigration system in general. Instead, President Biden now owns the racist Trump-Miller agenda of closing the Mexican border, if not America's entire immigration system, against nonwhite immigrants.

In two articles, dated June 7, 2021, and October 20, 2020, investigative journalist Ryan Deveraux, who formerly wrote fir The Guardian and now writes for The Intercept, shows that Harris' "Do Not Come" call is only part of a much wider agenda of keeping brown immigrants out of the United States, which the Biden administration has taken over from Trump and Miller and which is also the driving force behind a Trump-led fascist movement.

In his June 7 article, part of is ongoing series:

The War on Immigrants

Deveraux writes:

"'We're seeing a very troubling tendency from the Biden administration to repeat the same flawed logic of the Trump administration,' Stephanie Brewer, director for Mexico and migrant rights at the Washington Office on Latin America, a D.C. -based human rights organization focused on Latin America, recently told me. While [Mexican President] Lopez-Obrador insisted he would not do the 'dirty work' of the Trump administration by cracking down on migrants traveling north through Mexico, that's exactly what happened, with the Mexican National Guard and the military serving as shock troops in US-supported interdiction operations. Government documents obtained by Buzzfeed News last week indicate that Harris plans to pressure her Mexican counterparts to further ramp up their migrant interdiction operations."

In the same article, the author describes;

"the staggering human toll that militarization in Mexico has taken"

Regarding the Trump-Miller use of Title 42 to stop Central American asylum seekers from entering the US on bogus Covid-19 health grounds, against the CDC recommendation, Deveraux writes:

"In her meting with Lopez Obrador this week, Harris is expected to cal on the Mexican president to increase cooperation on Title 42, a controversial public health order that has choked of asylum access at US ports and allowed for more than 730,000 summary "expulsions' of men, women and children over the border in the past year.

As The Intercept reported in March, the bottleneck fueled by Title 42 as fueled a rise in violence and extortion of migrants...Borderwise, human rights organizations have tallied hundreds of cases of kidnapping, rape, assault..."

The cynicism, hypocrisy and sheer cruelty behind Trump's use of Title 42 as a health grounds pretext to stop nonwhite asylum seekers from asserting their legal and human rights to enter the US to process their legitimate claims are underscored by the fact at the same time, Trump was doing everything in his power to deny the reality of Covid-19. This included holding large, maskless campaign rallies, turning the White House itself into a hotbed of infection and threatening to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci for telling the truth about the pandemic.

Now, with Covid-19 vaccinations widely available and in the absence of any reliable medical evidence for doing so, why on earth is President Biden continuing to use Title 42 at the Mexican border?

To be continued in Part 2 of this series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law