Update, May 5, 7:03 am:

Republican attempts to stir up hysteria over the "Surge" of brown immigrants who are supposedly now "Pouring" into the United States through the Mexican border (or maybe even Panama!), as well as the Trump administration's many attempts to rig the legal immigration system in order to keep out non-European immigrants, in a throwback to the openly white supremacist policies of 100 years ago, go far beyond "merely" attempting to cause widespread, hardship, and human rights violations among persons seeking entry to the US.

Republican attempts to cur off or vastly curtail nonwhite immigration, together with the GOP's assault on voting rights by US citizens of color, pose a mortal threat of our democracy. This threat is described by Harvard political scientist Daniel Zillblatt and Steven Levitsky, co-author of How Democracies Die, in a June 5 article in The Guardian entitled:

Is America heading to a place where it can no longer be called a democracy?


he above article (By David Smith) warns that the fact that most Republicans are falling in line behind Trump's BiG LIE that the 2020 election was stolen, and that Republican-controlled state legislatures across America are doing everything in their power to stop nonwhite Americans from voting, could bring about a real possibility of an electoral coup leading to a fascist style dictatorship in the US.

With regard to the Republican refusal to accept a bi-partisan commission to investigate the January 6 Trump-incited violent attempt to overturn the 202 election results, and the danger to our democracy resulting from Republican voters' opposition to "demographic change" (i.e. nonwhite immigration) The Guardian writes:

"Republicans are also playing a very long game, rewiring democracy's hard drive in an attempt to consolidate power. Trump is arguably both cause and effect of the lurch right, which takes place in the context of white Christians losing majority status in America's changing demographics."

My original comment follows.

Ever since President Biden was elected and took office as the nation's chief executive, anti-immigrant Republicans have been using fear and hysteria against brown immigrants as a rallying cry in their attempt to take back power, just as Donald Trump used attacks against Mexican "criminals" and "rapists" to gain power on 2016. Most of this strategy has focused on whipping up hatred based on the so-called "surge" by asylum-seekers along the Mexican border as a result of President Biden's cancelling two of the most openly racist immigration actions of the Trump/Miller era.

I refer to the "Remain in Mexico" policy which has caused horrendous suffering and hardship among immigrants trying to enter to present their asylum claims in the US. according to our laws and procedures. I also refer to the unconscionable use of Title 42 by Trump and Miller to expel hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers at the border on "Trumped-up" Covid-19 public health grounds, even though, as mentioned in my previous comments on this topic, the CDC found that there was no health reason to justify this action.

President Biden has cancelled this illegal and inhuman policy with regard to unaccompanied children, but has inexplicably retained it for adults. Are we witnessing a "Profile in Cowardice" (to paraphrase the title of President John F. Kennedy's famous book) in the face of Republican intimidation on President Biden's part? It is difficult to find any other explanation.

But, as shown in a recent scare article by the notoriously anti-immigrant Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), some Republican politicians are not content with raising fear and hysteria over nonwhite immigration at the Mexican border. Two Republican Congressmen have traveled all the way to Panama in order to try to convince America that our country is in danger from an "Historic Surge" of brown immigrants who are "pouring" into the US. See, CIS,

Congressman and Journalists Report on Historic Surge of "Extra Continental" Migrants Now Pouring Through Panama to U.S. border


Open appeals to prejudice of this type make it even more important to root out and eliminate racism from current US immigration policy. The respected, nonpartisan Brookings Institution highlights this issue in a March 26 report by Charles Kamasaki, a Fellow at the equally respected and nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute. See:

US immigration policy: A classic, unappreciated example of structural racism.


The following will discuss this important report in detail. It begins:

"As we view images of families an unaccompanied children attempting to flee violence in their home countries for a better life here, one cannot help but wonder if they weren't from Latin America but white immigrants from Europe, would they be treated differently?

Examining immigration policy through a systematic racism lens reveals that today's largely Latino undocumented immigrants face far harsher consequences than white Europeans of years past for the same exact offense of unauthorized entry. A system that treats immigrants differently because of their race is essentially the textbook definition of structural racism."

Nor is the structural racism described in this report limited to unauthorized immigrants. The Trump/Miller administration also carried one of the most ambitious attempts in the past 100 years to impose policies, such as the new Public Charge Rule and major changes in the definition of an H-1B "specialty occupation, which would have drastically reduced legal immigration, both by skilled professional workers and by family members of US citizens, with primary impact on immigrants from outside Europe.

Trump also supported a failed Republican-led Congressional attempt known as the RAISE Act which would have ended most family-based immigration and eliminated he Diversity green card lottery, also with primary impact on immigration form Africa, Asia and Latin America. If these attempts to destroy major parts of America's legal immigration system were not structural racism in action, it would be hard to tell what else is.

To be continued in my next comment on this topic.

Roger Algase
Attorney a
t Law