If there were any "good" points alt all in Donald Trump's administration, they would be that Trump let everyone know in advance exactly what he intended to accomplish on immigration and then moved boldly and without hesitation to to put into effect what he had said he would do. Within days after taking office as president in January, 2017, Trump was already moving toward his vision of imposing a white supremacist immigration regime as the first step to bringing fascism to America by issuing his initial Muslim Ban and BAHA (Buy American, Hire American) executive orders.

Both of these orders were intended to bring about major reductions in nonwhite legal immigration, especially from the Middle East, North Africa, and (in the case of BAHA),India, China and other Asian countries, by laying the foundations for destroying the H-1B and other skilled worker legal immigration programs).

President Biden moved quickly to revoke the Muslim Ban and has also revoked BAHA and canceled the new Trump/Miller Public Charge rule, which was one of the most important attempts to cut off or roll back nonwhite immigration in the past almost a hundred years, ever since the passage of the "National Origin" immigration quotas act of 1924 which barred almost all immigration from outside Europe (and which Stephen Miller had high praise for in many of his emails).

The 1924 act also, infamously, gave inspiration to the German fascist movement of that period.

But for sheer cruelty and open expression of racial animosity, few of Trump's immigration actions could equal or surpass his "Remain in Mexico" policy barring entry to legitimate asylum seekers, even though this right is expressly protected by US law. This policy, which was cynically and maliciously given the Orwellian name "Migrant Protection Protocols", has forced hundreds of thousands of legitimate asylum seekers from Central America to wait for years - or perhaps forever- in unsanitary, overcrowded and dangerous camps on the Mexican side of the US border for their asylum claims to be heard in court.

Finally, on June 1, President Biden cancelled this openly racist and illegal policy. What took him so long?

To be continued:

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law