Current news reports show two glaring examples of why it is so important to pass federal laws banning racial discrimination in both voting and immigration rights. Both laws are needed to protect against Republican attempts to take America back to the days when white supremacy was the law of the land with regard to both voting and immigration - an effort which strikes at the heart of our democracy and threatens to lead to fascism.

One of the most disappointing - and shameful - actions of President Biden's administration has been to keep in place a Donald Trump/Stephen Miller order using Title 42 of the US Code as a pretext to engage in mass deportations of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and other brown immigrants at the US/Mexican border on bogus public health grounds. The mass, deportation order, which President Biden has cancelled for unaccompanied children but not for adults, is in direct violation of due process requirements and basic human rights.

To understand what Title 42 is and why Trump and Miller invoked it in the first place, I will begin with an American Immigration Council report dated March 29.


But before looking in detail at the shameful use of Title 42 as a means of discrimination against brown immigrants by both the Trump and Biden administrations, it is important to consider this measure in the larger context of Republican efforts to stop US citizens of color from voting. These efforts go hand in hand with the past three decades of Republican attempts to stop non-US citizens of color from immigrating to the United States.

For a report on the walkout by Texas Democratic legislators which, at least for now, has blocked efforts by Texas Republicans to stop voting by nonwhite Americans and take America back to the days of the infamous 1857 Supreme Court Dred Scott decision see Washington Post (May 31)

After defeating restrictive voting bill, Texas Democrats send loud message: 'We need Congress to do their part'

To be continued in Part 2


Roger Algase
Attorney at Law