Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) has earned her place in American history as what President John F. Kennedy called a "Profile in Courage" in the title of his famous book. She did not hesitate to tell the truth about Donald Trump's dangerous "Stolen Election" lie and the threat it posses to our democracy, even at the cost of losing her House Republican Conference leadership position.

But at the same time, she is enabling Trump, and increasing the danger that he might return to power and lead America toward fascism in 2024, by supporting the fiction about the Mexican "Border Crisis" - which has become the latest Republican code word for nonwhite immigration, legal as well as "undocumented". Trump recently claimed that the alleged "surge" in Central American asylum seekers and unaccompanied young children at the Mexican border is "destroying America". This shows that he is relying on fear and hatred of brown immigrants as a rallying cry for a possible return to power, just as he did to gain power in the 2016 election by vilifying Mexican immigrants as"criminals" and "rapists".

In a March 18 statement issued by her office, Cheney opposed two Biden administration Democratic bills aimed at providing legalization to unauthorized immigrants in the following statement, entitled:

Cheney: These Bills Would Exacerbate The Crisis At The Border

"The open borders policies supported by President Biden and Democrats in Congress have created a devastating and ongoing crisis. The Biden administration's decision to stop construction of the wall, offer taxpayer money to illegal immigrants, and reimplement catch-and- release all encourage illegal immigration.

The two bills Democrats brought to the floor today would grant amnesty to millions already in our country unlawfully. Our focus needs to be on securing the border and fixing the legal immigration system."

Liz Cheney's courageous decision to speak out for truth regarding Trump's dangerous "Stolen Election" lie, which threatens the very foundations of our democracy, despite the servile "Cult of Personality" toward Trump that most Republican politicians are following, and which could lead America down the road to becoming another North Korea, deserves the highest possible praise.

But doesn't she realize that the same demonization and invective against brown immigrants that is contained in her statement (except possibly for the reference to "fixing the legal immigration system" at the end) is what put Trump in a position of power where he could threaten to overthrow our democracy in the first place, as his supporters tried to do on January 6 by force and violence?

If Liz Cheney or any other responsible Republicans who care about our democracy really want to protect our country from a possible fascist dictatorship, they should stop parroting Trump's white supremacist anti-immigrant invective or supporting the Trump-Miller agenda of trying to destroy the legal immigration system which Cheney says needs to be fixed.

And just as more Republicans need to call Trump out on his dangerous "Stolen Election" lie, they should also stop referring to the equally phony and hyped up "Border Crisis".

It is also worth noting that Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) who was chosen to replace Cheney, is apparently willing to go along with Trump's election lie out of "loyalty", but is more moderate on immigration than Cheney. As a result, she is already coming under fire from Trump's MAGA supporters, as POLITICO reports.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law