It is impossible to overestimate the danger to America's democracy posed by Donald Trump's BIG LIE about the "Stolen Election" - a blatant LIE which was rejected by judges in some 50 baseless post-election lawsuits brought by Trump supporters, and which has now been cravenly endorsed by the great majority of Republican politicians, except for a few courageous figures such as Rep. Liz Cheney. Frighteningly, this BIG LIE has, according to the latest reports, been accepted by the great majority of Republican voters, who are, in effect, saying that democracy doesn't work in America,

This is a recipe for fascism, and it also, in effect, makes Trump and the cowardly Republican politicians who bow down to him in fealty the leaders of a fascist movement which threatens to take power in America in 2024, just as fascism came to power in Germany through ostensibly democratic means in 1933.

As the Hartford Courant wrote in a November 20, 2020 editorial about Trump's "election fraud" Big Lie:

"That false narrative is Trump's justification to pave a path toward fascism in America. a path that calls for upending the will of the people. And those who are going along repeating the lies, looking for ways to undo the vote or even standing silent in acquiescence - risk supporting fascism over freedom."

Even though Trump was finally evicted from the White House after inciting a fascist-style attack on the Capitol by a mob of violent supporters behaving like storm troopers on January 6, the above editorial is even more true now, and an even more urgent warning, than it was when it appeared six months ago.

But there is another, equally dangerous, BIG LIE that Trump and his Republican followers have been pushing for more than four years, and which was at the heart of Trump;s entire presidency. This is the immigration BIG LIE. We are now seeing one form of this BIG LIE in the form of false claims about Mexican Border migration which have little or no basis in fact, as MSNBC opinion writer Mehdi Hasan writes in an article entitled:

There are a lot of lies about Biden's 'border crisis. Here's the truth.


Among the lies that Hasan exposes in his article are the claims that Biden is making it easier for terrorists to come to the US by abolishing Trump's inhuman and illegal "Remain in Mexico" policy; that most asylum claims are bogus; that migrants entering though the border are mostly dangerous criminals who are bringing Covid-19 into the US (a large number are in fact young unaccompanied children), etc. etc.

But the lies that many Republican politicians are promulgating about the so-called Mexican "Border Crisis" are only small potatoes compared to the lies that Donald Trump was promoting about immigrants white he was in the White House imposing his and Stephen Miller's white supremacist anti- immigrant agenda on the nation.

As Mario Carrillo writes for America's Voice on January 11:

"From the moment Trump descended that escalator in 2015 to call Mexican immigrants like me and my family 'rapists' and 'criminals,' his embrace of nativist rhetoric and anti-immigrant policies has been relentless. It is also an inextricable part of his failed legacy. It led to the moral stain and permanent trauma of family separation. Hundred's of Trump's executive measures, big and small, have inflicted pain imperiled lives, eliminated legal immigration avenues and sullied America's reputation."

Carrillo also shows that Trump's anti-immigrant agenda and his ongoing attack on America's democratic election system are both based on white supremacy:

"Trump's immigration actions and rhetoric comes with a demonstrated body count. Just as Trump's rhetoric lies about the election incited an insurrection and lead to the deaths in the U.S. Capitol, his rhetoric and lies also incited a white supremacist to kill 23 people in my hometown of El Paso, among many other violent acts by Trump supporters. When the deaths of those in custody and those exposed to Covid-19 are added, the body count associated with his immigration failures is stunning."

Just as Trump's Republican supporters are desperately trying to enact laws in 43 states bringing back the Jim Crow segregation era by making it harder for black, Latino and other American citizens of color to vote, Trump and his Republican supporters were busy for the past four years finding countless ways to prevent nonwhite immigrants from coming to or remaining in the US legally.

Just as Trump and his Republican supporters have been pursuing white supremacist election policies, they are also trying to turn the immigration clock back almost a century to the white supremacist era of the 1924 immigration act which barred most non-European immigrants from coming to the United States.

And by using the notorious fascist BIG LIE strategy for both immigration and the electoral system, Trump and the Republican politicians who support him are threatening to bring fascism to America,

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law