Washington Post opinion writer Michael Gerson justly compares Republican politicians' use of the Big Lie about the "Stolen Election" to the Big Lies which brought fascism to Germany in the 1930's. In a May 3 column: entitled;

Elected Republicans are lying with open eyes. Their conduct is disgraceful

Gerson writes:

"But the lie of a stolen election is the foundational falsehood of a political worldview. Believing it requires Trump's followers to affirm the existence of a nationwide plot against him and his supporters - a plot led by ruthless Democrats and traitorous Republicans, and endorsed by useless courts and a complicit media...

In the 1930's and '40's, was it plausible that the democratic leaders of Weimar Germany had stabbed their own country in the back and betrayed its people? Or that an international conspiracy of powerful Jews was controlling world events?

Trump's lie is not the moral equivalent of fascist propaganda. But it serves the same political function."

Gerson also points out the pattern of overt racism in Donald Trump's history of politically motivated lies:

"The context for Trump's lies has been particularly damming. When Trump falsely asserted that Barack Obama was born in Africa and thus illegitimate as president. it was permission for racism. When he claimed he saw Muslims in New Jersey celebrating on September 11, 2011, it was a vicious lie to fee a prejudice."

But just as these lies (and so many other immigration - related lies by Trump before and during his presidency) were based on race, his "Stolen Election" lie is based on the fundamental premise that voting by American citizens of color should be either disregarded or prohibited. Republican state legislatures across America are now attacking the foundations of our democracy by mounting the biggest attempt to restrict voting rights by nonwhite US citizens since the pre-1960's Jim Crow era of overt racial segregation. See The Guardian, March 24:

US democracy on the brink: Republicans wage 'coordinated onslaught' on voting rights


And just as Trump-loyalist Republican politicians are desperately trying to stop nonwhite Americans from voting, the Trump administration launched the most massive attempt to stop nonwhite legal immigrants from coming to or staying in the US since the overtly white supremacist "national origins" immigration act of 1924 was enacted almost ac century ago.

President Biden is now only beginning to reverse Trump's legacy of immigration white supremacy as James Goodman describes in Progressive.org on February 15


The Republican attempt to manufacture a "Border Crisis" is an attempt to counter President Bidden's attempt to bring justice and racial equality back into America's immigration system after four years of white supremacy under Donald Trump.

Contrary to Republican claims, former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich points out that the current border "surge" of immigrants at the Mexican border is due mainly to is due mainly to normal seasonal factors. See (March 30):

No, There's No Border Crisis, Republicans Are Perpetuating Another Big Lie


Reich also points out that the "surging hysteria from Republican ranks" over the increase in nonwhite immigrants who are trying to escape ongoing violence and political oppression in Central America (which has now led Trump to claim that "Our country is being destroyed"), is directly related to the Republican attempts to stop nonwhite Americas from voting.

To be continued:

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law