Ever since President Biden took office, there has been a rash of news stories and comments about the "crisis" created by the "surge" in "illegal" crossings into the US at the Mexican border. This increase, in large part by desperate women and children trying to escape gang violence and poverty in Central America, is mainly due to the BIden administration's dismantling of Donald Trump's and Stephen Miller's inhuman and very arguably illegal attempts to close the Southern border through policies such as "Remain in Mexico" and summary expulsion of unaccompanied children.

In effect, the American public is being asked to believe that the increase in undocumented immigrants coming in through the Mexican border poses a greater danger to America than the coronavirus pandemic which killed more than a half-million people in the US while Trump was in office.

But would there be such a fuss about "illegal" immigration if undocumented immigrants were mainly white? Not if one looks at recent immigration history, as the Brookings Institution has done in a March 26 study called:

US immigration policy: A classic, unappreciated example of structural racism


The study states:

"Examining immigration policy through s systematic racism lens reveals that today's largely Latino undocumented immigrants face far harsher consequences than white Europeans of years past for the same exact offense of unauthorized entry...

"Illegal" immigration was remarkably common in past decades...

In sharp contrast to today's undocumented population, "illegal" European immigrants faced few repercussions. There was virtually no immigration enforcement infrastructure. If caught, few faced deportation."

To be continued in Part 2

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law