President Joe Biden started his presidency with a show of courage by boldly tearing down large parts of the invisible wall of hate that Donald Trump and Stephen Miller had built against legal immigrants from nonwhite parts of the world. Biden began by revoking two of Trump's most obvious monuments of bigotry, namely the infamous Muslim Ban and the almost equally pernicious Buy American - Hire American executive order, both of which openly violated the non-discrimination provisions of America's constitution and immigration laws .

President Biden has also revoked the new Trump-Miller Public Charge rule, which was avowedly designed to make a major reduction in green cards for nonwhite applicants, and has nullified Trump's attempts to destroy the H-1B visa, which would have impacted India, China and other Asian countries primarily.

President Biden has also cancelled Trump's open violations of basic human rights by revoking the deliberate act of cruelty known as the"Remain in Mexico" policy, which was designed to make it impossible for legitimate asylum-seekers to pursue their claims in the US. The new president has also revoked Trump's inhuman and illegal policy of summarily expelling unaccompanied children at the US border.

All these actions by President Biden to bring equality, justice and humanity back to America's immigration system have, not surprisingly led to a backlash of fear over a border "surge" or "crisis" caused by abandoning Trump's attempts to close the Mexican border entirely, as he had threatened to do.

There is no more powerful symbol of Trump's keep America white immigration policies than his Mexican border wall. Trump first announced his plans o build a wall as part of a vicious tirade against Mexican immigrants in general at the beginning of his 2016 presidential campaign. In that speech ,as we all well remember, Trump blasted Mexican immigrants as "criminals", "rapists" and "drug dealers".

As the Washington Post puts it in an April 11 article:

"Trump rode this nativism into the White House."

See the article entitled:

Trump's border wall belongs to Biden now

The above WP article continues:

"But the 'build that wall' message at the core of [Trump's] campaign helps explain how a billionaire living in a lavishly gilded Manhattan penthouse appealed to millions of blue-collar White Americans trying to comprehend the country's rapid demographic and cultural changes during an age of global economic restructuring."

But Trump's wall needs to be torn down for reasons that go beyond its immediate background of anti-immigrant racism (which the above quoted article, like so many others of its type, lacks the courage to state directly, and instead hides behind euphemisms such as "trying to comprehend cultural and demographic change").

Throughout history in general, ever since the Great Wall of China, walls have been identified with racial "purity" and attempts to exclude people regarded as "inferior", just as Trump built his wall to keep out Mexican and other nonwhite immigrants.

In modern times, walls have also been instruments of the worst kind of totalitarian rule, including the communist Berlin Wall and the Nazi Warsaw Ghetto Wall, not to mention the current border wall by Hungary's dictator, Viktor Orban. In America, which came closer to fascism than most people are willing to admit during Trump's attempt to overturn the 2020 election by throwing out millions of votes cast by nonwhite US citizens, the last thing this country needs is any "reinforcing" of Trump's border wall, as President Biden is reportedly considering, according to the above WP article.

Joe Biden should not "reinforce" one single foot of Trump's wall of anti-immigrant hate. Instead, our current president should tear down every piece of the wall that Trump constructed on the Mexican border, inch by inch.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law