First, it was the killing of George Floyd, inspired, at least in part, by Donald Trump's rhetoric attacking African -Americans. Can his policies of barring legal immigrants from African and Caribbean countries {which he called "shithole countries") be ruled out as a cause of this killing, as well as other hate crimes against black people during his presidency? This would be impossible.

No,w the nation is focused on the horrific March 16 killing rampage in Georgia which left six Asian women dead, and at least one Congressional committee is looking for the causes of this and other anti-Asian hate crimes which have increased in the wake of the Trump presidency. See: Washington Post, March 18:

In wake of Atlanta slayings, lawmakers clash during emotional hearing about attacks on Asian Americans

Certainly Trump's anti-Asian rhetoric cannot be ruled out as a cause of of these horrific crimes. His constant use of hate language such as "China Plague" and "Kung Flu" to describe the Covid-19 pandemic which has killed more than half a million people. in the US to date and which Trump's campaign of denial and disinformation did more to spread in throughout America than any other single factor, cannot be ignored.

But it is not just Trump's racist anti-Asian rhetoric that very arguably bears at least some of the responsibility for the Atlanta killings and other anti-Asian hate crimes. It is also Trump's and Stephen Miller's policies of trying to take America back 100 years to the days of Europeans-only immigration, if not to the 1880's Chinese exclusion laws themselves, that led up to these crimes.

Of the hundreds of measures, big and small, that Trump and Miller took to try to destroy the non-discriminatory, racially-neutral immigration system that was set up by the 1965 reform law, two stood out in particular: One was the new Public Charge rule, with its openly discriminatory I-944 form, which President Biden finally abolished on March 9.

The other was Trump's attempt to destroy the H-1B visa, which during the past 30 years or more has been a major factor in allowing skilled professional, mainly form India but more recently. also from China, to live and work in the United States. When people of a certain ethnicity or ancestry, or from a particular part of the world are targeted as unwelcome in the United States by our immigration system, it is not surprising that hate crimes should increase against American citizens and legal immigrants of the same origin.

This has happened many times before in our history, and it is happening again now, at least in part because of Donald Trump and the white supremacist immigration agenda that he, Stephen Miller, and their Congressional and state legislative supporters, not to mention violent pro-Trump militia groups such as the Proud Boys, tried to impose on America,

Roger Algase,
Attorney at Law