Almost every day brings new of a new, grandiose proposal to make sweeping changes in the immigration system. The is not to say that big changes in Trump's assault on immigration are unnecessary. President Biden ahould certainly be commended for halting Trump's racist Border Wall and Muslim ban orders, as well as ending mass deportation and sending a sweeping legalization program to Congress. And now there are reports of even more ambitious immigration reform plans. The Guardian reports that President Biden is now looking into climate change as a possible basis fro asylum or refugee claims.

This is all well and good. But none of these grandiose ideas are a substitute for urgently needed reforms in the nuts and bolts of America's legal immigration system - especially family and employment based immigration. And of these reforms, nothing is more important and urgent than the need to abolish the pernicious, openly bigoted Trump-Miller Public Charge rule.

This rule has ben widely criticized for discouraging immigrant families form obtaining needed medical and other public benefits during the Covid-19 pandemic. But, as even Trump appointed Justice Amy Barrett pointed out in dissent she wrote as a 7th Circuit Judge, the effect of the Public Charge rule in suppressing legal immigration, (especially by minority immigrants) go far beyond the public benefits issue.

USCIS form I-944, which the Trump-Miller administration imposed in order to carry out the Public Charge rule,is so complex and difficult to complete properly that the form itself is a huge barrier to immigration, even by applicants who have never used any public benefits. This form should have been withdrawn on Day 1 of Biden's presidency.

Instead, the Miller Public Charge rule, one of the worst assaults on legal immigration in the past half century, if not in all of our immigration history is only "under review". More details will be discussed in Part 3 of this 3- part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law