President Joe Biden should be commended for moving quickly to reverse some of the most headline-grabbing features of Donald Trump's white supremacist immigration agenda. These include Trump's mass deportation, family separation,, "Remain in Mexico", Muslim Ban and Border Wall, among other examples of anti-immigrant racism and cruelty which will forever be part of Trump's legacy.

President Biden has also releases a big-ticket. well publicized proposal to grant legalization, and eventual US citizenship to 11 million unauthorized immigrants - if it ever gets past a Republican Senate filibuster. LOL on that one.

But aside from these and some other spectacular moves, mostly in the "enforcement" and asylum areas of immigration, Biden appears to me adopting a "go-slow" of review rather than rescind to many of Trump's other attempts to close off America to nonwhite immigrants. This is especially true of Trump's attempt to destroy the legal immigration system as we have known it for the past half century, ever since the 1965 civil right era immigration reform act.

Nothing is more disappointing than President Biden''s failure so far to rescind the Trump-Miller Public Charge Rule, which is now in effect retroactive to February, 2020, one year ago. Instead, of rescinding this rule, which he could easily do by withdrawing a pending Trump administration appeal from a District Court order blocking the rule from going into effect, Biden has merely ordered review of this rule by government agencies. See:

Meanwhile, this pernicious rule, which Stephen Miller boasted was at the center o his "socially transformative" white supremacist immigration agenda, remains in full force and effect. There is also a widespread misunderstanding about the scope of the new Trump-Miller Public Charge rule, not only in he media, but also even among the plaintiffs who have gone to court to challenge this rule.

It is widely assumed that Miller's rule is dangerous mainly because it discourages or prevents lower income, mainly nonwhite immigrants form getting medical or hospital care during a time of pandemic. But in reality, the new Public Charge rue goes way beyond that. Along with USCIS form I-944 which effectuates the rule, Publis Charge acts as a huge obstacle to family based green card applications in general.

Details will be discussed in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law