Joe Biden is now the president f the United States,, but he still has a long way to go in ridding America's immigration system of Donald Trump's anti-immigrant racism and assault on human rights. So, at least, it would appear from the activity of ICE, acting as a rogue agency, in deporting more than 20 defenseless young children, including a baby, to Haiti in violation of an express order by President Biden to halt such deportations.

As The Guardian reports on February 8, A federal judge has blocked the president's order halting all deportations for 100 days, but the judge left intact the part of the presidential order providing that only the most serious immigration violators should be deported. See:

The deportations, which have been condemned by human rights advocates as a continuation of the Trump administration's "draconian, cruel policies" took place against a background of political turmoil and violence in Haiti that obviously endangers the safety and welfare of the deported children.

Clearly, Donald Trump's agenda of cruelty and hatred against immigrants of color still has some supporters in the US government. These rogue officials must be rooted out and respect for human rights restored to our immigration system without delay.

This applies not only to deportations and other immigration "enforcement" actions, but also to the Trump-Miller attempts to destroy America's legal immigration system through authoritarian actions. This includes Miller's Public Charge rule and its accompanying Form I-944 which I will be discussing further in upcoming comments.

President Biden should not be "going slow" about getting rid of these and other similar Trump administration attempts to take America back to the days of immigration white supremacy.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law