Donald Trump's presidency will be remembered for many things; the election lies, the riot at the US Capital, the appalling corruption, contempt for the truth, the racist attacks on minority Americans; the attempts to destroy the social safety net, the environment and democracy itself, not to mention 400,000 peope in America dead from the coronavirus pandemic that Trump, denied, downplayed and dismissed for so long.

But nothing will be remembered for longer than the relentless cruelty and sadism than the Trump administration has inflicted and is still inflicting on brown immigrants, especially young children, right up to the final moments of his presidency.

For the appalling details, see the Guardian, January 20:

Haitian boy, 9, detained as Trump's family separation policy pursued to the bitter end

In the final moments of his presidency, Trump has reportedly granted criminal justice clemency to 143 people, mainly well-heeled campaign donors and celebrities. It is not yet known if he will attempt to pardon himself and his family in the final hours before President Biden's inauguration at 12:00 noon today.

But Trump has no power to pardon himself, or any of his officials who may be responsible for these atrocities, for Crimes Against Humanity. In a more equitable world, he and they would be called to defend themselves before the bar of justice at The Hague for the deliberate cruelties that Trump and his administration have inflicted on brown immigrants in his drive to maintain white supremacy in America.

That, more than anything else that Donald Trump has done in the past four years, is what history will regard as his presidential legacy.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law