Almost immediately after taking office as president in 2017 (after losing the 2016 election to Hilary Clinton by 3 million popular votes) Donald Trump launched ac frenzy of hatred against brown immigrants by issuing his first Muslim ban executive order and the companion "Buy American Hire American" (BAHA) executive order that would later become the foundation for his attempt to destroy the H-1B visa. Since then, according to some analysts, there have been as many as 400 actions by Trump and Stephen Miller designed to dismantle the legal immigration system, so that brown immigrants will no longer be allowed to come to or live in the United States.

Trump's unyielding hatred of nonwhite immigrants, which he has not hesitated to acknowledge in many of his statements, has continued right up to the final days of his presidency, with his latest authoritarian attempts to eliminate most family-based green cards through the new Public Charge rule and to abolish the H-1B visa through regulations, without the consent of Congress and without changing a single word in the nation's immigration laws. Meanwhile, he has unleashed a regime of terror and extreme cruelty toward "undocumented" immigrants continuing right up to his final moments in office. See the January 18 Washington Post editorial:

The Trump administration's cruel treatment of migrant families was intentional and calculated

The Post's editorial states:

"A report by the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General confirmed...that the administration's cruel treatment of migrants has been intentional, calculated and surgically effective in dispensing pain and suffering."

The above statement would also certainly apply to the immigrants currently detained in Trump's concentration camp - like private prisons, where Covid -19 is reportedly raging unchecked, affecting thousands of detainees or deportees.

How long will it take President Joe Biden to undo Trump's and Miller's Legacy of Hatred against both legal and undocumented brown immigrants? The answer to this question depends in large part on Biden's approach. If he adopts a scatter-gun approach limited to headline-grabbing issues such as legalization for millions of undocumented immigrants (desirable as this goal, a/k/a CIR, certainly is) which would be use to get bogged down in lengthy legislative and court battles ,he may not make much progress in undoing the Trump-Miller Legacy of Hate.

Instead, President Biden will need to tackle the entire edifice of anti-immigrant executive orders, regulations and policy memos which Stephen Miller constructed so thoroughly and methodically to support Trump's racist, white supremacist immigration goals. Biden, from Day One, needs to appoint an anti-Miller "Stephen Miller" to tear down Trump's regulatory and executive order edifice of hatred, brick by brick and stone by stone

This should also include physically tearing down Trump's fascist 400-mile wall of hatred and contempt against brown immigrants along the Mexican border. Democracies do not build walls to keep out people who are demonized and vilified as inferior and undesirable, as Trump has done with Mexican and Central American immigrants. Instead democratic countries welcome diversity and promote racial equality through orderly, nondiscriminatory immigration systems. This has been America's commitment since the great 1965 immigration reform law. President Joe Biden needs to proclaim loudly and clearly that America is returning to its ideals.

To be continued in Part 2

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law