Update: January 12, 8:22 am:

The Hill and other media report that Trump's acting DHS chief, Chad Wolf, has resigned due to "Recent Events", i.e. the Trump-inspired riots at the US Capitol last week. Wolf, whose appointment had been ruled illegal in federal court litigation over rump's attempt to end DACA, was regarded as one of Trump's most loyal henchman in carrying out Trump's racist anti-immigrant agenda, along with Stephen Miller.

Wolf's resignation underscores the connection between Trump's anti-immigrant agenda and his attempted fascist takeover of the US government.

My initial comment appears below,

The calls for Donald Trump's impeachment and removal from office are growing in the wake if the fascist mob attack on the US Capitol on January 6. Yes, Trump must be immediately removed (and prosecuted) to prevent further damage to our democracy. But Trump's failed coup - and Trump himself - are only symptoms of a much deeper threat to our democracy which has been being for at least the past three decades.

This threat is the Republican .white supremacist immigration agenda which the GOP has been pursuing for at least the past three decades. This, in turn, is based on President Richard Nixon's openly racist "Southern Strategy" beginning in the 1970's.

The most obvious example of this was the overtly racist 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA), which was rammed through by a Republican-controlled Congress without debate and attached as a rider to an appropriations bill only weeks before a presidential election - making it politically impossible tor President Bill Clinton to veto that bill. For more on the history of Republican anti-immigrant racism over the past several decades, see The Guardian (10/16/2019)

Stephen Miller is no outlier. White supremacy rules the Republican party


To be continued in Part 2.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law