On January 6, America went into a state of shock and horror as a fascist-leaning mob, egged on by Donald Trump, attacked the Capitol building in Washington, the heart of US democracy, and forced the US Congress to shut down while it was in the process of certifying Joe Biden's election as the next President of the United States.

In an ilw.com comment that I posted on that same morning, (which almost no one read), I predicted that Trump might try to launch a fascist coup to stop Biden's certification. Since the failed attack on the US Capitol, other commentators are now also beginning to use the word "fascist" about this horrendous attack, unprecedented in US history since the Civil War, involving Trump's use of mob violence to try to overthrow America's democracy.

See, for example, Robin Givhan's January 6 Washington Post article:

Flying the flag of fascism for Trump.

See also Chauncey DeVega writing in Salon

"To deny the reality of Donald Trump and his movement's assaults on democracy and the rule of law is a dangerous manifestation of the ' organized forgetting of societies that have experienced fascism and authoritarianism."


The Washington Post editorial board has also joined the growing calls for Trump's immediate removal from office. But Trump should have been impeached and removed long ago for his lawless, authoritarian anti-immigrant persecutions, including calculated and consistent cruelty and state violence directed against immigrants in pursuit of his white supremacist agenda.

It is this program of anti-immigrant persecution, led by Stephen Miller as Trump's chief henchman and Grand Inquisitor that created the groundwork and paved the way for Trump's failed fascist coup at the US Capitol on January 6.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law