As this is written on the morning of January 6, it appears that Republican Georgia Senator David Perdue a co-sponsor of the failed 2017 Raise Act, which was strongly supported by Donald Trump because it would have drastically reduced nonwhite legal immigration by eliminating most family-based green cards as well as the Diversity visa lottery, has been defeated by Democrat Jon Ossof in the January 5 Georgia Senate run-ff election.

The other Republican Senator up for re-election in Georgia, Kelly Loeffler, has already lost her seat to Democrat Rafael Warnock in the same runoff election, This means that control of the Senate may be about to pass to the Democrats in the new Biden administration, (assuming the almost certain failure Trump's desperate last minute attempt to persuade Pence Pence to throw out the Constitution, overturn the decision of 150 million US voters and declare Trump the winner on his own - as Trump's Proud Boys storm troopers descent on Washington D.C. to incite violent protests against America's democratic election election).

With control of Congress virtually assured, the Biden administration should lose no time in introducing legislative proposals, not only to reverse Trump's racist anti-immigrant agenda without having to go through the cumbersome APA process (as might otherwise be required in some cases, such as Public Charge), but also to remedy long standing injustices and inequities in the entire immigration system.

I will discuss details in Part 2 of this 2-part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law