Update: January 2, 2021, 11:15 a.m.

What do Trump's attempts to dismantle America's legal immigration system, (of which Miller's new Public Charge rule and USCIS Form I-944 are prime examples), have in common with his attempts to overturn last November's presidential election and set up a fascist dictatorship?

(Trump supporters' latest fascist attempt, a lawsuit seeking to give Pence a dictator's power to throw out all 150 million votes in the election and pick the winner entirely on his own on January 6, was thrown out by a Trump-appointed federal judge in Texas on New Year's day.)

The answer is that both Trump's attempt to shut down America's legal immigration system and his attempt to overturn the presidential election and destroy America's democracy are based on race: According to Trump and his supporters, nonwhite immigrants should be barred entirely from coming to or remaining in the US legally. At the same time, nonwhite US citizens should be prevented from voting; or if they are able to vote, their votes should not be counted. That is what "Trumpism" is all about.

That will be Donald Trump's eternal legacy, which no amount of right-wing propaganda or revisionist history in the future will ever be able to change.

Update, January 1, 2021, 7:42 pm

Colbert King warns in the January 1 Washington Post that we should not take it for granted that Donald Trump will refrain from attempting to remain in power through a fascist-style military coup, using the Insurrection Act to destroy American democracy between now and Inauguration Day on January 20. See:

Fourteen days that will test our democracy

If this happens, Americans may be asking themselves whether immigrants will be interested in coming to live in or remain in a country that has turned into a fascist dictatorship.

My original comment appears below.

Assuming that Donald Trump does not actually go ahead with his apparent threat to overturn the 2020 election and stay in power power through a military coup, America can look forward to emerging from a four year dark age of anti-immigrant racism and authoritarianism. What must Biden do to bring back hope and opportunity to immigrant communities which had been assaulted with what some analysts say have been as many as 400 large and small changes in the legal immigration system designed to carry out Trump's and Stephen Miller's white supremacist goals?

While there are many actions that Biden needs to and is expected to take promptly, including halting border wall construction, moving ahead with DACA and ending Trump's racist Muslim ban and other entry ban orders, revoking the new Trump-Miller Public Charge rules and their accompanying USCIS Form I-944 should have top priority. As Stephen Miller himself has indicated in hundreds of recently released emails,the new Public Charge rules were intended to be the biggest step toward a drastically reduced, white supremacist, immigration regime since the notorious National Origins quota immigration act of 1924. See, NY Times, August 14, 2019:

Trump's Policy Could Alter the Face of the American immigrant


And on the last day of 2020, Trump extended his entry ban against mainly nonwhite H-1B and green card visa applicants until March, 2021, hoping to cement his legacy of anti-immigrant racism until the very last possible moment, using the pandemic which he has himself done so much to spread as a hypocritical, mendacious, pretext. See:


To be continued in Part 2.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law