First, we cannot take for granted that Trump will allow Joe Biden to take office as president on January 20, 2021 instead of imposing a military coup. See: Washington Post, December 24,

Could Trump declare martial law to try to steal the election?

But assuming that Trump's military coup plans, which he has reportedly been discussing with his pardoned felon advisor Michael Flynn and other far right figures who are helping Trump in his drive to overthrow our democracy and set himself up as a fascist dictator fail, what does Biden need to do urgently in order to restore justice and humanity, and bring about a brighter future for America's immigration systems?

One of Biden's immediate steps must be to put an end to the appallingly cruel treatment that immigrant detainees are now enduring in Trump's ICE private prisons.

These conditions are so terrible that detainees are now asking to be deported to avoid the coronavirus pandemic that his now raging through these facilities unchecked, in conditions that are so terrible that comparing them to "concentration camps" (as some observers have done) sounds like little more than a cliche.

For the horrifying details, see Washington Post, December 26:

Detained immigrants are asking for their own deportations

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law