Everyone in America should be alarmed at the latest reports of Donald Trump's continuing descent into madness and more extreme than ever attempts to overturn America's democratic election and set himself up as a fascist dictator. As The Guardian reports on December 23,Trump and an increasingly extremist and irrational group of far right wing zealot supporters are openly grasping at any possible straws to enable Trump to stay in power, whether through a Congressional coup in January or an outright military takeover. See:

America braced for final month of madness as Trump show nears its end

http://www.the guardian.com/us-news/20/dec/2020/america-trump-presidency-final-months

For another ,equally alarming report on Trump's and his diehard supporters' desperate attempt for him to stay in power against the will of America's voters by overturning the results of a democratic election, see POLITICO, December 22:

Trump orchestrates final loyalty test in dying bid to subvert election


While Trump's fascist ambitions are a threat to the safety, security and well-being of all Americans, no group of people in this country has more at stake, more to lose, from a fascist takeover by a half-mad would be dictator than immigrants, both with and without current legal status. On April 20, the birthday of one of the worst tyrants in all of human history, Trump announced that he was planning to shut down all legal immigration by executive order. While this may have sounded so extreme that few people may have taken it seriously, the reality is that Trump and Stephen Miller have in fact been shutting down the legal immigration system by degrees during the past four years.

This began with the first Muslim ban executive order at the very beginning of Trump's presidency and has continued right up to the latest Public Charge rule and USCIS form I-944 which, along with the now blocked attempt to destroy H-1B, are intended to eliminate most nonwhite legal immigration.

So what must President-Elect Biden do to restore fairness and justice to America's immigration system after he takes offices as the nation's 46th Chief Executive on January 20, 2021 (assuming that Trump's desperate last attempts to impose a fascist coup on America all fail)?

At the outset, Biden will not have an easy task. According to some estimates, Trump's chief immigration advisor and immigration advocate, Stephen Miller, has been responsible for putting though as many as 400 changes in our immigration system in pursuit of his openly white supremacist immigration objectives (as reportedly evidenced in more than 900 recent emails).

Reversing all these changes, large and small, is not something that can be done overnight. But there has to be a starting point - putting an end to Miller's basic attitude of regarding immigrants as a danger and threat to American society. See, Greg Sargent in the Washington Post (December 22):

The Biden team does not seem spooked by the ghost of Stephen Miller

Next, it is essential that Biden move promptly to eliminate Miller's new Public Charge rule and the pernicious accompanying USCIS Form I-944, which represent the most far reaching attempt to eliminate legal immigration from nonwhite areas the world since President Calvin Coolidge signed the infamous "National Origins" immigration quotas act into law in 1924, almost a hundred years ago.

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law