On this day, December 14, when the electors meet in every state to make Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election official, there is still no sign that Donald Trump and his supporters are willing to abandon their attempt to overturn the election results and destroy America's democracy. Over the weekend, as The Guardian and many other media report, violent mobs, led by the white supremacist Proud Boys hate group unleashed attacks against the election in Washington DC and Washington State that were clearly inspired by Trump's hate-filled rhetoric and barrage of falsehoods about nonexistent election "fraud".

Shamefully, 126 Republican Congressional Representatives signed amicus briefs in the Texas AG's baseless Supreme Court lawsuit seeking to overturn the election that was promptly thrown by the nine Justices, including three who were appointed by Trump himself. Other media also report that due to Trump's attacks, more than 70 percent of Republicans are prepared to look on Biden's upcoming presidency as illegitimate. despite there being absolutely no evidence of any widespread election fraud. This is a danger, not only for this election, but for the entire future of America's democracy.

But Trump's attempt to subvert the election and overthrow democracy did not just come out of thin air. It is the direct result of four years of anti-immigrant hatred and attempts to destroy the legal immigration system by Trump and his administration.

Anti-immigrant racism, especially in the form of Trump's attempt to dismantle most. if not all, of the legal immigration system, has been the hallmark of his presidency,. Also, in the run-up this this year's election, Trump put anti-immigrant hate front and center up, as in an October 20 rally in Minnesota attacking legal Somali regugeees.


It is also not a coincidence that Stephen Miller, Trump's immigrant-hating grand inquisitor and architect of his strategy of trying to destroy America's legal immigration system in order to keep out nonwhite immigrants, no appears to be in charge of Trump's desperate, last ditch strategy of trying to persuade Congress to steal the election for him instead of following the will of the 80 million American voters who gave Joe Biden his resounding victory. See The Hill, December 14:


Or to put in another way, as Greg Sargent explains in the December 14 Washington Post, Miller's idea that "alternate electors" would be able to overturn America;s democratic election and keep Trump in power as a dictator is just as fraudulent as Miller's excuses for trying to impose a white supremacist immigration policy on America during the past four years. See, WP:

Stephen Miller is a fraud who should just go away already

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law