Four four years, Donald Trump has been waging a campaign of violence and repression against immigrants. Family separation, "Remain in Mexico" mass deportation raids, concentration camp style incarceration, and, most recently attempts to dismantle America's entire legal immigration system, are all designed to threaten the safety, and well being of immigrants, both legal and "undocumented" and deprive them of all civil and human.rights.

Now, in the aftermath of Trump's unprecedented attempt to overturn the results of an election in which he refuses to concede defeat, through intimidation, falsehoods and dozens of groundless lawsuits, Trump's and his supporters' fascist-style violence is being unleashed against the American people - and our democracy itself.

Nowhere is this clearer than in the threats of violence that Trump's cult-like supporters are making against election workers and other officials who insist on upholding the law and refuse to give in to Trump's campaign of lies and intimidation seeking to overturn the election.

The Guardian describes hatred and death threats that Trump's cult-like followers have unleashed against one such official, a Democratic Georgia state senator named Elena Parent who has publicly stood up for the integrity of the election - and for our democracy, which is now attack from the same US president who has been issuing authoritarian diktats for the past four years against immigrants who do not come from "Countries like Norway".

As The Guardian reports, these threats against Americans who insist on following the laws of our democracy of have included hanging for "treason", as well as threats of sexual violence.

These are more indications that immigrants are not the only ones affected by Trump's agenda of racism and violence. The actions he has taken against immigrants during the psst four years have been laying the groundwork for destroying our democracy.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law