In the light of the relentless ongoing attempts by Donald Trump and his allies to overturn the results of one of the most most open and transparent elections in US history, by making baseless charges of election fraud in an attempt to throw out millions of legally cast ballots by nonwhite US citizens, it is impossible to ignore the mortal danger that this poses to our democracy. We can no longer pretend that Trump is trying to stay in power through democratic means or that he is anything other than an aspiring fascist dictator.

How did Trump gain the power to threaten the continued existence of our democracy through his use of the Big Lie and threats of violence against election officials in Georgia and many other states, who are courageously putting adherence to the law and to their country above "loyalty" to their party and its Leader? The reality is that Trump gained the power to threaten our entire democracy through stirring up hatred against nonwhite immigrants and carrying out an agenda of aimed at shutting down most, if not all, of our entire legal immigration system during the past four years.

Every fascist tyrant needs a scapegoat to gain and retain power. There id no doubt who Donald Trump's scapegoats are - millions of nonwhite immigrants, both legal and "irregular" or "undocumented". Just ask Stephen Miller.

While the Trump administration has been somewhat less vocal in accusing nonwhite immigrants of being "criminals" than was the case during Trump's first two years in office, it has been heavily engaged in promoting the traditional bigotry, dating back to the time of the 19th century Know-Nothing period and Chinese exclusion laws, that immigrants steal jobs from US workers, as in its current attempt to abolish the H-1B visa and intimidate H-1B employers See:

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law