On November 29, in an interview with Fox News' Maria Bartiromo, Donald Trump sank to new depths of falsehood in his attempt to subvert our democracy by overturning an election which all experts agree was one of the fairest and most transparent in our entire history.


In pursuit of his fantasies about a supposedly "rigged" and "fraudulent" election, Trump, in the same interview. even accused his own FBI and DOJ of being part of a conspiracy against him.

But no one should be surprised at even the wildest falsehoods about the election coming from America's soon to be ex-president (unless there is a coup by either the Supreme Court or the military, or both, to keep him in office - a possibility that can still not be entirely ruled out).

As every historian of fascism in 20th century Europe will attest, the Use of the Big Lie is essential to overthrowing democracy and establishing dictatorship. From this perspective, Trump's use of the Big Lie about the election makes sense.

But Trump's loud, repeated falsehoods in an attempt to overturn a democratic election are not new. Trump has been using the Big Lie against immigrants as a means toward his goal of attaining absolute power during his entire term in office. According to one researcher, Donald Trump has made some 2,400 false statements about immigration during his term in office so far - more than on any other issue.

See Forbes (October 26):

Fact Checkers Say Trump Built A Wall Of False Claims On immigration

http://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2020/10/26/fact-checkers-say-trump-built-a-wall-of-false-claims- on-immigration/?sh=f568b67d734

These false claims have been on topics ranging from family and Diversity immigration to H-1B and other types of legal immigration, to demonizing immigrants as criminals and "invaders".

To be continued.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law