The 2020 election is now over, and Donald Trump has in effect ended his attack on democracy and conceded the election by allowing the transition process to move froward. How long will it take incoming President Joe Biden to reverse the damage that Trump has done to America's legal immigration system during his four years in office?

To understand this, we must not forget the basic premise of Trump's immigration agenda which, as he stated almost 3 years ago in a reported White House meeting, was to end legal immigration from "shithole", i.e. nonwhite, countries entirely and restrict legal immigration to immigrants from "Countries.Like Norway." This underlying goal will certainly change as soon as Biden takes office.

But racist immigration agenda not suddenly change overnight. Trump's archenemy of nonwhite legal immigration, Stephen Miller, has set up an elaborate structure of regulations and executive orders aimed at discriminating against immigrants from non-European parts of the world, and it will take someone with the same comprehensive knowledge of detail and devotion to achieving a goal that Miller has, in order to undo the tremendous damage that he has caused to the legal immigration system. Biden will need to find and install a top immigration advisor with the same passion for equality, fairness and justice in immigration that Miller has shown for white supremacy.

Some of this reversal of Trump's racist immigration agenda may be relatively easy - such as revoking Trump's Muslim Ban executive order and ending construction of his Border Wall.

Other actions may take more time, such as getting rid of Miller's hugely expanded version of the bigoted Public Charge rule with its pernicious Form I-944, both of which are deigned to maintain while supremacy in America for a generation, or even generations, to come. While withdrawing USCIS Form I-9444, which was designed only for the purpose of intimidating and delaying legitimate green card applicants by imposing paperwork requirements that are so invasive and extensive as to be almost impossible to comply fully, can be accomplished by a simple agency announcement at any time, Miller's bigoted, expanded version of the ancient Public Charge rule took two years to impose because of APA requirements.

Will it take Biden two years to get rid of Miller's expanded Public Charge assault on justice and the human rights of (mainly nonwhite) legal immigrants?

The answer is that it shouldn't take anywhere near that long to get rid of Miller's expanded and bigoted version of Public Charge, as I will show in my next comment on this topic. This forthcoming comment will discuss the applicable "Good Cause" exception in the APA.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law