America could well be at the most dangerous time in our entire history, at least since the time of the Civil War. ,Faced with the failure of multiple frivolous lawsuits in various states to change the election totals showing that Biden won, Trump is now attempting to destroy the democratic process entirely by persuading Republican election board officials in various states no to certify the election on the grounds that too many nonwhilte Americans in large cities voted against him. The Strategy is that certification denial would throw the election results into Republican -dominated state legislators which would then override the will of the people and install Trump in the White House for a second term. This is a recipe for fascism, pure and simple.

Even if this strategy fails, at the can be no guarantee that it will, Trump's massive attempt to overturn the election will still leave a large percentage of US voters who faithfully follow the Republican line with the illusion that democracy doesn't work, that Biden is an illegitimate president, and that Trump should have been given a second term. This could be the basis for a fascist takeover in 2024 returning Trump to power.

To be continued.

Roger Algase