The Washington Post reports the most alarming development yet in Donald Trump's attempt to undermine the results of last weeks' undisputed fair election and overthrow democracy, rather than handing over the presidency peacefully to President elect Joe Biden. Faced with almost certain failure of his bogus claims of "election fraud" in the federal courts (including the Supreme Court if he ever reaches it), Trump is now showing every sign of turning to the military to remain in power after January 20, 2021.

The Post reports in November 10, that Trump has not only fired his Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, who had opposed Trump's dangerous and unconstitutional use of the military to put down domestic protests against Trump's racist policies (including immigration policies) but he has replaced other top Pentagon officials with pro-Trump loyalists who are willing to use the US military to support Trump's political agenda. See WP, 11/10:

Trump administration upends senior administration ranks, installing loyalists

Is the stage being set for enforcing Trump's and Stephen Miller's "second term" agenda of elimination almost all nonwhite legal immigration and taking away birthright US citizenship from million of native-born Americans of color at gunpoint in a Trump-led military dictatorship? These are no longer far-fetched questions, but ones that must be seriously addressed any anyone who cares about preserving America's democracy - and our current immigration system based on racial equality rather than white supremacy.

Another disturbing factor is the Republican leadership's silence in the face of Trump's attempt to steal the election against the clearly declared will of the American voters. This is not surprising, given the Republicans' three decade (or more) history of supporting the same white supremacist immigration policies that Trump and Stephen Miller have now been putting into effect with a vengeance.

Vox explains how Republican state legislatures in crucial swing states where Biden has won might try to appoint their own pro-Trump electors against the will of their voters. This could lead to Trump's retaining power and advancing his agenda of abolishing almost all non-white legal immigration through quasi-fascist political means, rather than through an outright military takeover..See:

This is not the time for anyone who cares about the future of legal immigration - and democracy - in America to be complacent, or to take the survival of America's continued dedication to freedom and equality for all people for granted.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law.