Update: November 10, 7:40 pm:

There is growing reason to fear that Trump may stage either a military or a civilian coup so that he can assure himself of a second term in which to carry out his agenda of virtually abolishing legal immigration from nonwhite, non-European counties. In one highly alarming development, Trump has now carried out his threat to fire Mark Esper the defense secretary who spoke out against Trump's use of the military to put domestic civilian protests. Trump has replaced Esper with a "yes" man who will evidently not stand in the way of Trump's using the military for any purpose he wants - including abolishing our democracy.

On the same day, November 10, Trump's "yes" man, A.G. William Barr, announced that the DOJ will investigate "substantial" voter fraud in the 2020 election. Since Trump defines "voter fraud" as voting for his opponent in an election, this could open 76 million Americans who voted for Biden to investigation or prosecution for "voter fraud".

More likely, this could be aimed at state officials who counted the votes and are responsible for certifying the results. These officials might be subject to prosecution for refusing to count only pro-Trump ballots, and not throwing out the pro-Biden ballots. Possibly, either a military or civilian coup as described above might seem far-fetched, but Trump, who has shown nothing but contempt for democracy and democratic procedures from the moment he began running for president, must have had some reasons in mind for these two moves.

We can be sure that preserving our democracy, baaed on free and fair elections, was not one of these reasons.

My earlier comment appears below.

America is in the most dangerous time in our history since the Civil War. Even though Joe Biden has clearly won the 2020 presidential election, and has received some five million popular votes more than Donald Trump, the forces of despotism and tyranny are stepping up their efforts to have the results declared "invalid" on the basis of concocted allegations of voter "fraud" without any evidence to back them up.

According to the latest reports, more and more Republican politicians are falling into lockstep behind their Leader in making the baseless claim that the election was "stolen". Ominously, one of Trump's chief lackeys, AG William Barr, has ordered the DOJ to launch criminal investigations of "substantial" voter "fraud", prompting the resignation of the principled head of the division in charge to resign.

There can be no doubt that Trump is trying to use the full power of the federal government, including a Supreme Court stacked with his own appointed justices, to overturn the results of this democratic election.

But suppose that Biden is ultimately certified as the official winner of the election, as is overwhelmingly likely, since no evidence has been produced of any widespread voting fraud or irregularities. There is no reason to believe that Trump;s claim of election fraud is anything other than the biggest of all the Big Lies that he has used to try to overturn and destroy our democracy from the moment that he began to run for the presidency five years ago.

Once BIden takes office as expected, how long will it take him to undo the tremendous damage that Trump has done to our legal immigration system? First, we have to look at the damage - which is huge.I will start by quoting from an Arab-American immigrant and naturalized US citizen, Brooklyn College professor Moustafa Bayooumi, who has written a book about Muslim =American life. He writes as follows about Trump's attempt to destroy America;s legal immigration system in the November 9 issue of The Guardian:: See:


"During the course of the Trump administration, which began with the Muslim ban and ended with the administration unable to reunite 545 immigrant children wit their parents, the administration passed more than 400 executive orders, many draconian, related to immigration. It will take years to undo this damage."

Bayoumi continues:

"Although it shouldn't it still surprises me that we were governed by explicit white supremacists in the 21st century. The result was not just the Muslim ban, immigrant kids in cages, and the end of asylum, but an entire system of unspeakable cruelty, along with a nearly transparent desire to legislate the end of basic human compassion."

Bayoumi then describes what would have happened if Trump has won this election:

"If Trump has won a second term, we wold likely have had to confront the end of birthright citizenship, the elimination of DACA and Temporary Protected Status programs, zero persons admitted as refugees, and everything that Trump. Stephen Miller, and the rest of these unfunny racist clowns would have juggled on order to keep the country as white as possible for as long as possible."

Bayoumi then summarizes:

"Today, w must seize Joe Biden's affirming victory not just as a repudiation of Trump and what h stand for but, more importantly, as a moment of political regeneration. Trump, after all, was always the symptom rather than the disease, and the racist and anti-immigrant world views he represented won't magically disappear on 20 January 2021."

With the above as background, let look more carefully at the damage that Trump and miller have done to our legal immigration system and what it will take to undo this damage. First, the above writer doesn't mention what are arguably the two most destructive blows that Trump and Miller have dealt to our legal immigration system. These are Miller's expanded Public Charge rule wit its devastating accompanying USCIS Form I-944, which makes the paperwork for even the most routine green card case so complicated and burdensome that many eligible immigrants may be discouraged from applying entirely, and hundreds of thousands of fully qualified green card applicants could be denied green cards based on a minefield of meaningless technicalities,

The second are new regulations, scheduled to take effect in early December, which would virtually eliminate the H-1B program, which has log been the heart of legal skilled and professional immigration.

I will discuss the future of these two sets of regulations under the coming Biden administration (assuming that the Supreme Court doesn't allow Trump to invalidate the election and destroy our democracy) in Part 2 of this 2 part series.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law