Amid all the rejoicing and celebrations over Joe Biden's victory in the electoral college as well as the popular vote, it will be all too easy to overlook or forget the fact that America was at the very edge of fascism. More than 70 million Americans, nearly half the electorate, voted to go over the cliff and install Donald Trump, who has never concealed his utter contempt for democracy from the moment he first took office, as America's first official dictator.

More than 70 million Americans voted, not only to give Trump unlimited authoritarian power to change our legal immigration system in order to keep out immigrants of color, but to endorse his threats to "lock up" his political opponents, including Biden himself and former president Barack Obama;t to shut down a free press as the "enemy of the people" and to threaten to send four US citizen Congresswomen, three of whom were US born, (the "Squad") "back" to various.foreign countries.

70 million Americans voted to retain a president who regularly accused his critics of "treason" and engaged in cruelties against asylum seekers at the Mexican border that brought international condemnation and charges of Crimes Against Humanity from the UN and many other human rights observers, including Senator, and now also V.P-elect Kamala Harris

as will as other distinguished figures, such as the 99-year-old last surviving Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor. See:


the above news story quote Nuremberg prosecutor Ben Ferencz as follows with regard to soon to be ex-president Trump's immigration policies:

"The United States immigration policy today is a crime...It's absolutely criminal. What we have done in the name of the United States is [a] shame.

It's a very narrow-minded policy, and I'm ashamed that it's done in the name if the United States."

Specifically, Ferencz called Trump's [now officially abandoned] policy of separating immigrant children form their parents at the Mexican border a

"...crime against humanity for which those responsible should be brought before a criminal court."

The same might well be said about the new Trump-Miller Public Charge rule, ,which, according to a recent federal court complaint, has led to at least 200,000 children of legal immigrants being deprived of vitally important medical coverage, It is also no secret that the new Public Charge rule was expressly designed to discriminate against black, Latino and Asian legal immigrants in favor of those from wealth white countries.

70 million Americans voted to re-elect a president who took built at least the beginning of a 30-ft high Wall of hatred and contempt against brown immigrants, and who at one point reportedly asked to put spikes ion top of the wall and black paint to make the Wall into an instrument of torture. See Washington Post, May 16, 2019:

Trump wants his border barrier to be painted black with spikes. He has other ideas too.

70 million Americans voted for a president who delighted in separating infant children from their immigrant parents, and whose administration argued in court for the "right" to deprive detained immigrant children of soap and toothbrushes.

Nor is the danger of dictatorship over by any means. Some leading Republicans are still reportedly urging Trump to stick the his baseless conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was "stolen" from him by "illegal" votes - a charge that is not backed up by the slightest shred of evidence. To the contrary, judging from his post-election statements, Trump's theory of a "fair " election appears to be that only votes for himself are "legal", while votes for his opponent are "illegal" per se.

As Barbara Perry, a University of Virginia presidential historian, describes it according to the November 8 Washington Post:

"Yet the anti-democratic, demagogic traits that paved [Trump's] way to the Oval Office will now simply not allow him to 'stand down' in the tradition of very president from George Washington to Barack Obama.'

Trump's backers obvious hope is that a Supreme Court stacked with Trump's own appointed Justices will ignore the will of the 74 million Americans who elected Joe Biden in one of the fairest and most transparent presidential elections ever reported. See, Huffington Post, November 8:

But according to other reports, even some Republican officials and White House advisers are urging Trump to accept election reality and concede, as any defeated candidate who has the slightest respect for democracy would do in his situation.

This raises the questions: How long will it take President-Elect Joe Biden to undo the tremendous damage that Trump and Stephen Miller have done to America's legal immigration system, once Biden takes office, as he surely will on January 20, 2021?

What does President-Elect Biden need to do to restore justice, fairness and equality to legal immigration in America, instead of the bigoted white supremacist system that Trump and Miller have been trying to impose through authoritarian diktats without the consent of Congress?

Another question that can be raised is that, based on the cruelty and anger that Trump has directed even toward his own family when things don't go his way (according to Mary Trump's piece in the November 8 The Guardian), will Trump issue even more vindictive executive orders and entry bans against nonwhite legal immigrants, out of sheer revenge, between now and the time when he is finally forced to leave office in January?

These questions will be the subject of my upcoming comments.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law